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10 Surprising Advantages of Having a Family Insurance Plan

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The family floater plan helps us and our family to be physically, financially, and mentally fit. But when there are more than two family members, it becomes difficult to provide everyone with the best medical care. In this case, a family floater health plan can be a saviour to you.

A family health plan is an insurance type that caters to the well-being of a family. A plan that unites the financial and health coverage providing a shared benefit among each member of the family. It helps you and all the covered members get cost-efficient medical care. Tax benefits, routine healthcare facilities, and AYUSH treatments under one plan.

What is a Family Insurance Plan?

A family floater health insurance plan is a type of policy that covers specifically every member of the family. It provides financial aid to each family member with an advanced healthcare facility under a single premium. This means you do need to avoid paying the monthly premium for individual health insurance for everyone. 

Is there any Health Insurance plans in India for Family?

Yes, there are various options for the best health insurance plans for family in India. A family floater health insurance plan gives protection for the family. Even if there’s an event, an accident or any kind of illness with any of the members, it’ll protect all. 

If you have the family floater health policy, any of the family members who are under that policy can utilize the entire sum insured. However, it can vary from one approach to the other, depending upon the coverage amount, including members, city zone, etc. 

What are the Advantages of Health plan for Family?

A family floater plan is known for its coverage features for the whole family. There are multiple benefits of a family health insurance plan which are listed below:-

Aspect Benefits
Coverage for all It covers all the family members under one plan eases the process of managing health plans for all.
Sharing of the sum insured Sum assured of the policy is dynamically allocated to each member of the family. As it ensures everyone gets the best healthcare in an emergency.
Lower premiums In comparison to an individual health plan, a family floater health plan has the cost-efficient factor resulting in lower premiums. And this is economically beneficial for the policyholders.
Preventive check-ups Most of the family health plans provide all the members with preventive health check-up, It potentially ceases the possibility of a critical disease. 
Tax benefits Family floater health insurance plans in India are eligible for providing the policyholders with tax benefits against payable amount. 
Consultations In this era, technology has made it accessible to consult a doctor over a video conference or telecommunication. You can enjoy the consultation for minor guidance from experts or a medical professional remotely. 
AYUSH treatment Insurance companies increase their budget of the sum insured for AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy) treatments. These are the ancient but alternatively, holistic health treatment of India.
Cashless Claims Family health plans offer a streamlined medical procedure, offers a seamless experience with medical care. You need not pay any out-of-pocket expenses during an emergency. 
Pre and post-hospitalization It offers you comprehensively broader coverage and provides pre and post-hospitalization expenses like doctor’s consultation, hospitalization, etc.
Daycare coverage With all the modern techniques of treatment, it does not take too long to cure a disease nowadays. But family floater plans offer the policyholders a 24-hour day care hospitalization coverage.  

What are the best Family Floater Health Insurance Plans in India?

Several insurance companies provide one of the best family floater health insurance plans in India. Here is a list of the best health insurance plans for families:-


Plan Coverage benefits Sum insured
HDFC Optima Restore Family Plan 18-65 years 3 lakhs-50 lakhs
Care Family Health Insurance  18 years and beyond 5 lakhs- 5 crores
Royal Sundaram Family Plus Health Insurance Plan  18 years and beyond 3 lakhs-50 lakhs
Niva Bupa Health Companion Policy 18 years and beyond 4 lakhs- 1 crore
ICICI Lombard Complete Health Shield Plan 18 years and beyond 3 lakhs-50 lakhs
TATA AIG Medicare Premiere 18-65 years 5 lakhs-50 lakhs


Protecting your family members in need of an emergency is very crucial and mandated. But the one thing that soars our tension high is financial congestion with buying a health insurance plan for everyone. But a family health plan can save you from all of these worries. You just need to opt for one of the best mediclaim policies for your family. provides you with the consultation of choosing a suitable plan for yourself and your family. Reach out to our experts now. 

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