Simple Mehendi Design
Simple Mehendi Design

10 Henna-Style Simple Mehnadi Designs to Try on Occasions

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Henna-style mehndi designs are a popular choice for various occasions. They offer a simple yet elegant look that complements any outfit. Whether it’s a wedding, festival, or family gathering, these designs are versatile and can be easily customized to suit your preferences. From delicate floral patterns to intricate geometric shapes, there is something for everyone in this collection of 10 henna-style simple mehandi designs. Give them a try and add a touch of beauty to your special occasions! 

10 Simple Mehandi Designs in Henna Style

If you’re learning mehandi designs, start with simple henna designs. These are easy to apply and offer multiple options and locations on the body to design. Although you can easily find hundreds of simple mehandi designs, here are 10 easy-to-apply henna mehandi designs that you can start with:

Easy Floral Chain Mehndi:

This floral chain mehndi for the backside is a millennial bride’s favorite since it keeps things basic and easy while still being as delicate as ever. Even the bridesmaids adore this mehndi pattern, which is popular with more than just brides.

Swirls & Leaves Mehndi:

When it comes to simple henna designs that can be done right away, swirls always make the henna look larger and more elaborate. This backhand mehndi with swirls is an illustration of an easy henna design for novices. You don’t have to be an absolute pro to create this straightforward mehndi design, but it sure does look beautiful.

Simple Floral Mehndi Design:

While intricate designs are frequently chosen by brides to accentuate their hands’ fullness, mehndi artists can also choose intricate floral henna designs for the backhand or half-hand that other female family members, bridesmaids, and friends can flaunt.

Simple leafy backhand henna:

Beginner henna designs don’t need to be elaborate or have a lot of empty spaces. They can be simple and straightforward. Millennials are constantly attracted to intricate patterns that feature leaves, roses, and even a paisley pattern. This simple henna design for beginners can be made much more beautiful with the addition of swirls and jaali motifs.

Easy Mehndi Design with Lattice:

This backhand design, which features flowers, latticework, and a string pattern all around the hand, is another henna-style simple mehandi design for beginners. This design is hilarious because of the intricate lattice pattern, often known as the jaali pattern, and the parallel line of flowers that extend to the tips of the fingers.

Abstract Mehndi Design:

You have likely seen geometric designs with long lines and triangles if you are familiar with the mehndi scene. These henna designs are artistic. For any mehndi artist, the ability to draw a straight line is a prerequisite. Abstract henna designs are ideal for brides or guests searching for straightforward patterns that are chic and contemporary.

Leafy Bale Design:

We adore how easy this mehndi pattern is to do while still being detailed. Pay close attention to the middle gap and how it contributes to the design’s striking originality and beauty. This is the ideal design to show your mehendi artist if you’re searching for simple mehandi designs for your engagement or wedding. 

Arabic Henna Simple Design:

This image is the ideal illustration of how you can base the whole design on a filled Jaali work design if you’re looking for more simple filling designs. 

Delicate Motifs Mehndi:

This only-dots-and-lines tribal pattern is one of our favorites. This exquisite mehndi pattern is both incredibly original and easy to create. We anticipate that both the artist and the client will absolutely adore this design—though obviously for very different reasons!

Geometric Henna Design:

Are you looking for something unusual and unexpected? For you, this simple mehndi pattern is ideal! This henna pattern is really easy to create and looks great on any wedding attire. It will undoubtedly be the talk of your event. 

Final Thoughts:

Henna-style mehndi designs are versatile and can be applied to various body parts, including hands, legs, arms, and back. Bollywood heroine Deepika Padukone was tattooed with henna at her wedding. These designs offer a simple yet elegant look that complements any outfit, making them perfect for weddings, festivals, or family gatherings. Other celebs such as Alia Bhatt, Yami Gautam, and Anuskha Sharma were also seen with such mehandi designs. Some of the mehandi design inspirations are taken from Abouther‘s blog, entitled 20 Simple Mehandi Designs. These designs are easy to create and can be customized to suit individual preferences.

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