Upgrade Your Bathroom: 10 Simple Steps to Modernise Your Old Space

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Are you bored of your old-fashioned, retro-feeling bathroom? Looking for ways to turn it into a warm modern area that suits your functional demands and expresses your style? Don’t be concerned! Here, we’ll go over the processes of upgrading one of your home’s most significant rooms. Discover how to update your bathroom space with practical additions and contemporary d

esign options, regardless of your budget or level of DIY project expertise. Google tile dealers in Surat to learn about the ideal tile shop and tile showroom for your upgrade needs.

10 Simple Steps to Modernise Your Old Bathroom Space

  • Plan and Budget

Make a note of the things that need to be updated or altered after evaluating the state of your bathroom. Find any structural or plumbing problems that would need to be fixed by an expert. Make sure your budget is reasonable after you have a firm understanding of the project’s scope. This will direct your choices and assist you in setting financial priorities.

  • Clean and Organise

Get rid of everything superfluous from your bathroom, such as outdated towels, expired toiletries and unwanted accessories. Seeing the improvements you wish to make in a clutter-free environment will be simpler. Give your bathroom a deep cleaning once you’ve decluttered. You must start with a blank slate to get the most out of your modernisation efforts.

  • Smart Technology Integration

Integrate smart technology into your bathroom to embrace the future. Install gadgets like voice-activated lighting systems, motion-sensor faucets, and smart thermostats to improve convenience and energy efficiency. You can even look into smart mirrors that include integrated news, weather, and personal grooming displays. These smart technological upgrades improve the comfort of your everyday activities and give your bathroom a hint of contemporary elegance.

  • Upgraded Lighting

Contemporary lighting fixtures can change the atmosphere in your bathroom. Installing energy-efficient LED lighting can help you save money on electricity bills and provide a sleek, modern appearance. Wall sconces, pendant lights, and even backlit mirrors will give your bathroom a sense of refinement and elegance.

  • Fresh Vanity

Swap out your old vanity for a modern, useful one that goes well with your preferred look. Seek for vanities that come with integrated storage to maintain order in your bathroom. A floating vanity is an especially stylish option for opening up a small bathroom.

  • Makeover with a Mirror

Choose a bathroom mirror with a contemporary frame or a distinctive form to upgrade. A well-selected mirror can draw attention to itself and improve the bathroom’s overall design. Backlit mirrors can create a contemporary, spa-like atmosphere.

  • Hardware & Fixtures

Replace outdated shower heads, cabinet hardware, and faucets with more contemporary models. Finishes in chrome, matte black or brushed nickel will provide a modern touch to your bathroom. Make sure your fixtures include water-saving features in addition to a fashionable appearance.

  • Flooring

Flooring is an essential component of bathroom modernisation. Choose tiles that are functional in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. Large-format tiles can produce a smooth, modern appearance. Consider ceramic or porcelain tiles at your nearest tile shop and tile showroom, as they are durable in moist conditions and simple to maintain. To get the best flooring options for your bathroom upgrade, visit tile dealers in Surat. They have the most versatile tile options.

  • Storage Solutions

Storage and organisation are prior

itised in many modern bathrooms. Create built-in nooks, floating shelves or chic cabinets to keep clutter out of your bathroom. These enhancements enhance your space’s overall visual appeal in addition to its utility.

  • Finishing Touches

Use well-chosen finishing touches to uplift the atmosphere. Select stylish shower curtains, fresh towels, and accent pieces that complement your décor. These small accents give your modern bathroom a sense of coherence and refinement by tying the whole thing together.


With these 10 simple steps, which cover everything f

rom planning and budgeting to integrating smart technology and selecting the ideal tiles, you can turn your outdated bathroom into a contemporary haven. By using the simple steps mentioned in this guide, you can design a bathroom that enhances the appearance and utility of your bathroom while still reflecting your sense of style. The choice of tiles is a very important consideration in this modernising process. Simply search for the best tile shop and tile showroom, and you will be directed to some top tile dealers in Surat such as Orientbell Tiles Boutique to make sure your bathroom represents the ideal balance of durability and design.

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