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Comprehensive detail of what is and what’s not included in Couple massage Vienna

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A couple massage Vienna is a shared experience in which two individuals, usually partners, friends, or relatives, get massages in the same room at the same time. This massage technique is intended to provide the advantages of professional massage therapy while encouraging rest, camaraderie, and a sense of unity. The precise inclusions and modifications, however, may vary based on the spa, massage parlor, or therapist providing the service.

Included are

  • Simultaneous massages

In a common area, both people receive massages simultaneously, allowing them to unwind together and share an experience.

  • Choice of massage type

Depending on their preferences, couples can select from a variety of massages, including Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot stone, and any other specialty massages the spa offers.

  • Customization

Massage therapists frequently adjust their techniques to meet each client’s unique requirements and preferences. They could change the pressure, concentrate on the tense spots, or grant any specific requests from either party.

  • Romantic ambiance

To enhance the couple’s massage experience, many spas and massage studios offer a romantic ambiance in the form of soft lighting, calming music, and occasionally candlelight.

  • Privacy

Even though the couples share a room, privacy precautions like screens or walls are usually in place to guarantee modesty and comfort during the massage.

  • Duration

60 to 90 minutes is the average length of a session, giving participants enough opportunity for rest and therapeutic benefits.

  • Facilities

Some locations might have extra features like sauna, jacuzzi, or rest areas to use before or after the massage.

  • Professional therapists

Trained and qualified massage therapists provide services, guaranteeing a secure and comfortable encounter.

What isn’t contained

  • Extra spa services

The couple’s massage package does not include other spa services like facials, body scrubs, or beauty treatments; these may need to be scheduled separately.

  • Extended time

There may be extra fees if the session is extended longer than originally scheduled.

  • Taxes and gratuities

Generally speaking, these items are not covered in the starting cost and should be viewed as extra costs. These include the therapists’ gratuities and any applicable taxes.

  • Personal requests

Extra fees may apply for particular requests that fall outside the standard parameters of a massage treatment, such as customized oils, longer massage times, or special accommodations.

  • Meals or alcoholic beverages

Although some places provide free snacks or drinks, a couple’s massage package often does not include complete meals or alcoholic beverages.

  • Transportation

Unless otherwise noted, there is usually no charge for transportation to and from the spa.

Infusion of therapeutic massage Vienna with couple massage

By targeting individual aches and pains, combining therapeutic massage Vienna techniques into a couple’s massage improves the experience as a whole. Therapists use different therapeutic methods, such as trigger point therapy, deep tissue, Swedish, or aromatherapy, to meet each client’s needs and provide a peaceful, shared space for relaxation. In a couple’s massage, this combination of therapies provides individualized alleviation and relaxation, promoting a deeper sense of well-being for both parties at the same time.

Infusion of oxygen facial with couple massage

An all-encompassing and restorative spa experience can be had when an oxygen facial Vienna and a couple’s massage are combined. While the pair enjoys their simultaneous massage, a renewing touch is added with an oxygen facial. During the facial, oxygen-infused treatments are applied to the skin to encourage firmness, hydration, and a glowing complexion. This combo gives each partner a chance to rest in tandem while revitalizing their skin to seem younger and more radiant.


To guarantee a thorough knowledge of the experience and related fees, it’s recommended to ask about the specifics of what’s included and any potential additional costs when making a reservation for a couple’s massage. Regarding couple’s massages, each spa or massage studio may have different policies and special offers.

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