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What Pakistani Students Should Do Before Moving to UK

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Many Pakistani students dream of studying in the UK. The United Kingdom offers a number of opportunities for foreign students, particularly Pakistanis. Therefore, securing admission to any university in the UK is not a challenging task. However, once you have done it, the vital part is your preparation regarding your stay in the United Kingdom.

If you, too, are thinking about moving to the United Kingdom to study, keep reading. This article will shed light on the necessary steps you can take beforehand to enhance your experience.

7 Things to Do Before Leaving for UK

From finding a residence to managing funding, there are multiple necessary steps that you should take before moving to the UK. You can avoid some unwanted circumstances if you follow the given instructions:

1.      Contact a Consultant

Consultants are the most knowledgeable people in this regard. They have a basic know-how about securing scholarships, getting admissions, and managing accommodation in countries like the United Kingdom.

For students who are traveling to the country for the first time, a consultant can provide valuable insights to make them stay productive and comfortable. For this purpose, you can contact the experts at study abroad consultants in Islamabad so that you may not have to face a difficult situation after landing in the country.

2.      Manage Funding

Funds are the most crucial aspect of studying abroad in any country. That is why you need to start managing funds long before the day of departure. It is particularly crucial when you have not secured any or a fully funded scholarship.

A highly developed country like the United Kingdom can be more expensive than you might have thought. Hence, instead of hurrying everything, take slow steps and arrange proper funding so that you may not have to face an undesired situation upon your arrival in the country.

3.      Look for Scholarship Opportunities

Most of the time, students land in the country without taking various issues into account. One of the most common hurdles faced by Pakistani students in the UK is to bear the expenses. The best way to avoid the economic problems is to secure a fully funded scholarship.

For this purpose, you can talk to ex-students or educational consultants to gather information regarding the scholarship opportunities in different universities in the UK. Securing a scholarship means you have already tackled the biggest problem before leaving for your dream country.

4.      Find a Residence

Once you have managed the finances, the next big problem is to find a proper residence. Usually, living places that are closer to the respective university are very expensive. It is not a wise step to book such a costly place for accommodation. You might have to face financial difficulties after some time.

Start making arrangements before leaving for the country. An early struggle offers two benefits. First, you will not have to face any inconvenience upon arrival. Secondly, it will help you arrange a proper residence within your expenses.

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5.      Currency Exchange

After making all the arrangements, you need to visit a nearby currency exchange. This step is better taken after finalizing everything else. It is because, this way, you will be able to assess how much cash you are left with.

There are two ways to bring money with you: taking cash in the form of pound sterling and opening a bank account. It is better to follow both these methods by exchanging only the necessary amount of money and depositing a big chunk in your bank account. It will be beneficial if you open a student account.

6.      Consider Health and Safety

After covering everything else, it is vital to consider your health and safety. After landing in a country where most faces will be unfamiliar, you might find it difficult to adjust mentally and physically.

First of all, you are required to find accommodation in a safe neighborhood. You can get help from Pakistani students who are already living there. Secondly, you need to save emergency contact numbers in your cell phone and obtain comprehensive health insurance. During the initial days of your stay, avoid excessive traveling, especially at night.

7.      Prepare for Cultural Diversity

Cultural differences are unavoidable when you talk about relocating to another country. There is a big difference in belief systems, behavioral norms, morality, conduct, and laws when you move from one country to another.

It is better to conduct thorough research on the way of living in Great Britain before departing.  You can also contact the professionals at study abroad consultants in Islamabad to get a more elaborate insight into the cultural diversity of the UK. It will help you avoid challenging circumstances regarding cultural diversity.

Are You Ready to Leave for the UK?

Transition from one country to another is not an easy task, especially when it comes to moving to the United Kingdom. You need to follow the abovementioned steps for a secure and smoother stay in the country. Contacting an experienced consultant is the best way to do so. It will help you make all the necessary arrangements before leaving for your dream country.

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