5 ways this kitchen design company in Malaysia has your back!

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Kitchens are made for bringing people together. The kitchen is not just a simple space to cook meals, it is a storehouse of emotions. Hence, paying special attention to kitchen interior design is essential when you are setting up your home or planning a renovation.

Several things have to be kept in mind while designing a kitchen. Three A’s Interior Design and Décor is a reputable kitchen design company in Malaysia with a host of innovative ideas for kitchen décor. So be it designing a kitchen from scratch or renovating an old one, Three A’s is here to support you with their solid knowledge base and extensive experience spanning more than two decades.

Things to consider while designing a kitchen

Let us take a look at the main considerations before starting the actual work.

Why are you renovating the kitchen?

If you have a new house and the kitchen is being designed from scratch, the task is easier. You have a white canvas to paint on. You can work closely with your interior designer to put in place the list of functionalities you want in your kitchen.

However, things become tricky, when it comes to remodelling a kitchen. You need to define the purpose of renovating first.

Establish why you are going for a remodelling. Is it to upgrade the finishes and materials, improve its functionality, organize it better or something else? In this regard, it is also important to have a floor plan in mind and a budget or maximum spending capacity.

Don’t worry, you are not alone on this journey. Three A’s designers will sit with you, and ask you the right question to establish the purpose of remodelling.

Choose wisely

The choices available for modern kitchen design are so vast that it is easy to get overwhelmed. We suggest taking one step at a time. Take one item, deliberate and make the right choice. Understand the entire space of the kitchen and how different parts will fit together.

You want a functional kitchen, yet you want enough space to walk around and do the cooking preparation. Hence, keep the space aspect in mind. Even if you want a beautiful large sink, think if it can fit in your kitchen.

Finally, keep the overall aesthetics in mind. Sometimes we may like something, but it may not go with the rest of the décor. And you wouldn’t want to spend money and get stuck with something that doesn’t match the overall look of the kitchen. So, choose wisely. Spend extra time on this and whenever you have a doubt, discuss it with your interior designer.

Storage, storage, storage

Well, storage is important in any home, especially in a kitchen. One can never have enough storage in the kitchen. You have to establish the storage spaces right during the designing phase. This should be one of the goals of designing the kitchen.

Drawers are more functional than shelves. They can be pulled out for viewing everything inside. They are easier to organize. Think drawers.

Also consider storage options for your big pots and pans, baskets and other such stuff. Don’t forget the trash containers.

Pay special attention to the appliances

Appliances are the big-ticket items that will eat into your budget and also take up space. Hence, they need extra attention. The best way to approach this issue is to lay out the appliances you need in your kitchen. Hand over this list to your interior designer. They will be able to provide you with the cost and the amount of space the appliances will occupy in the kitchen.

Considering aspects such as having enough room for the refrigerator door to open and close, creating vents for cooktops and ovens are essential. Don’t worry, this is not your job, your interior designer will do it for you.

While purchasing new appliances or upgrading older ones, keep their energy efficiency in mind. Energy-efficient ones may cost a little more but translate to significant savings in the electricity bill. Not to mention they are better for the environment too.

Don’t forget other big-ticket items

Well, appliances are not the only things that will eat into your budget. Keep in mind other big-ticket items such as floor tiles, wallpaper/tiles, countertops and cabinets. Tackle them one by one.

Choose flooring that works best in your kitchen, the options are endless. Ensure the wall tiles or wallpapers go well with your flooring choice.

Another big ticket item that needs attention is the countertop. The most popular options are granite or quartzite, which are high-quality but can be costly. If you are running on a tight budget, you may want to use solid surface products or laminates. However, they have their own restrictions such as being unable to withstand very hot water or hot pans. Ceramic tiles are another low-cost option, that can be used if they match the rest of the kitchen interior design.

When it comes to modern kitchen design, options are endless, and so are the solutions. Click here to get in touch with a Three A’s Interior Design and Décor representative to discuss your kitchen designing needs and open the door to a world of innovative solutions.

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