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6 Rationales To Invest in Neon Signs For Your Business

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For decades, neon signs have been used as a business promotion medium, thanks to their bright colors, bang for the buck, and ability to attract more and more customers. If you are thinking about installing signage for your business, here are some of the incentives for considering a neon sign:

High Visibility. Thanks to their luminous colors, neon signs are surely an eye-catching accessory for any business, further helping to enhance your visibility. Since customers’ eyes are automatically drawn to color and light, a happy holidays neon sign will accelerate your presence even on a densely populated street brimming with competitors.

Tip: Neon signs are especially effective for new businesses trying to announce their presence.

Highly customizable. One of the biggest advantages of neon signs is their flexibility to be customized for a specific business. They come in a whole host of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can customize it to meet your exact needs.

Nighttime functionality. If you have installed an exterior sign, it means that you want it to be seen at night. While you may want to put extra lighting in place to illuminate your existing signage, upgrading to neon is more economical, both with respect to installation and maintenance.

Neon signs are energy efficient. Not only does neon offer countless design options these signs are also low on energy consumption. Means, it won’t break the bank to install and maintain neon signs. In fact, neon signs will consume around 50% less electricity than modern signs.

They are long lasting. When properly assembled, installed, and maintained, happy holidays neon sign is known to last up to 12 years. When you consider that bulbs are very low maintenance gadgets and that other traditional signs can fail in no greater than six months, the unique value of neon signs becomes very clear.

Consumer conditioning. Happy holidays neon sign has an eventful past of advertising and due to this, consumers have been conditioned to pay attention to neon signs. Your potential customers will look for neon signs to ascertain whether a business is open and to spot promotions; and you may capitalize on this opportunity. From the very moment of installing a neon sign, you’ll catch the eye of anyone passing by.

For a brick-and-mortar business a neon sign is one of the must-have parts of your company’s successful marketing campaign. Not only can it direct potential customers to your shop, but it will also:

  • Help you form a great first impression.
  • Attract customers and bring in more revenue over time.
  • Landmark your business.
  • Convey relevant information about your business to your potential customers.
  • Promote brand recognition.

The Bottom Line

Both exterior and interior signs are key to the success of your business. Remember, a neon sign must be neat, bright, and in good condition. In this way, it will communicate the high standards of your brand and catch the eye of more and more potential customers. A neon sign that is broken, old, or smudged, may cause more damage than good.

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