A brief introduction to commercial carpet cleaning prices

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There are a few common ways by commercial carpet cleaners will charge you for their job. Let us discuss those options in the paragraphs below.

Charge per square metre

One of the common and typical ways in which these professionals quote the price of their service is by charging you for per square metre of your carpet. This involves simple mathematics, just work out the total area of your carpet by multiplying its length and breadth. In the next step you multiply the total carpet area in square metres (or square feet) with the cost of cleaning per square metre.

In this type of calculations there is usually no ambiguity unless ofcourse a carpet is heavily greased and soiled. In cleaning that item properly any cleaner would have to invest more time and effort. Therefore the professional would definitely like to charge you more compared to the other carpets that are not so badly soiled. As a result the simple maths we discussed above will not work out in these cases.

Then again there is one more factor to take into account. If there is a lot of furniture to move then obviously a professional may like to make an adjustment. For example moving all the furniture from a carpet say takes about an extra 20 minutes. Now if the guy is making £45 an hour, he may charge an additional £15 to make up for his time and effort in moving your furniture around.

When hourly and daily prices are concerned

There are certain types of jobs where it is both easier and fairer to make estimation about how much time the job will take. Then you can work out the price based on an hourly or daily rate. If a job is going to last all day in that case the cleaners will quote you an amount they earn in a day. It could be anywhere between £200 and £1000 or above depending on the kind of cleaner you approach. This is a way in which commercial carpet cleaning prices are determined in the UK.

But there is a flip side to it as well. It is never easy to estimate how much time a job will take until and unless one makes enough experience with the job. But that is a different story altogether; we may take up the topic of building firsthand experience in carpet cleaning at some other time.

Price is calculated by the room

A section of professional carpet cleaners again charges you a fixed amount per room. While handling this kind of deals you must be extra careful. An easy room may take as little time as half an hour while a difficult room could take up around 3 hours. Even there are some customers who lack practical expectations. It is really difficult reasoning with them and a disagreement brews sooner or later.

The starting point of charging customers

Now let us get back to our earlier point of discussion. What is the fair price to clean carpets? As far as domestic clients are concerned and when a cleaner is charging per square metre then anywhere between £3 and £4 a square foot is not a bad deal. For a standard sized carpet that measures 6 metres by 4 metres the minimum cost comes around £75. On the other hand the job on a standard 3 piece suit typically lasts around three and half hours. In that case, as far as present-day commercial carpet cleaning prices in the UK are concerned, a cleaner may charge you somewhere around £125. However at this cost you will probably get a basic cleaning and not stain protection along with it.

For a professional carpet cleaner earning a minimum of £250 to £300 a day is a pretty descent income. But as an independent, self employed professional they do not work the entire day nor do they get work every day. Therefore the amount mentioned above also includes the time when these professionals are not working and not getting paid either.

The information discussed here is the very basic. There are lots of cleaners who charge a lot more than the amount mentioned here. Even there are cleaners who charge less than this.

Domestic carpet cleaning customers – 3 main types

  • Price shoppers

This range of carpet cleaning customers believes in only a single objective; they look for the lowest price possible. They first select the lowest price and then worry about the quality of service later. It is better not to be in this league as a customer. Practically it is not possible to secure a sustainable profit margin by providing the service of carpet cleaning at a cheap, throwaway price. Therefore the quality of service is bound to be poor. Poor quality cleaning may even damage your carpet fabric beyond repair.  Even these cleaners know there is no guarantee of loyalty from their customers. As a result they just rush through their jobs to bill their customers.

  • Value shoppers

Professional cleaners who quote nominal cost for commercial carpet cleaning have their opinion about value shoppers. This range of customers is ready to pay more to get their rugs and carpets cleaned. At the same time they are more concerned about the value for money they receive in return. Before selecting a professional carpet cleaning service this range of customers ensures whether the staffs are properly trained, the quality of equipments they possess, how many better reviews they have and such other factors. Only when they are satisfied that they will get better service in return of their money they will hire the service.

  • Premium shoppers

This category of customers does not care about the price. They just want their rugs and carpets to get clean. It makes no difference to these people whether a cleaner charges them £50 or £150 as long as the job is getting done. If this category of customers is given a range option on price they invariably choose the costliest one. It is not just about carpet cleaning but this category of people wants the best in every aspect of life. So whether it is their cars, homes, clothing or services like carpet cleaning, they always end up choosing the most expensive option.

Vip Carpet Cleaning London is a widely trusted name among professional carpet cleaners. The business has a steady flow of loyal customers belonging to all the three categories mentioned above.


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