All you need to know about cruises in Goa.

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Cruising in Goa can offer thrilling unforgettable memories. Goa is a place of immense beauty. Its coastlines are the most attractive tourist spots. The soothing beaches are a good place to enjoy the holidays, especially on cruises that love partying and indulging in the sea. Chapora, Miramar, Hawaii, and other regions are just a few of the numerous places you may go cruising in Goa. Cruises such as supper, breakfast, sunset, Grand Island boating, Goa Bollywood tour, and so on can be enjoyed in Goa for a fantastic time. As you cruise with your loved ones, you’ll see adorable dolphins, birds, forts, and breathtaking scenery. In Goa, there is so much fun and excitement that you won’t have enough vacation time to fully appreciate it all.

Variety of Cruises in Goa

  • Sunset cruises

Due to the amazing vistas of the Arabian Sea’s sunset, these cruises are exceptionally well-liked. Aside from food selections, they frequently involve entertainment and music. On your two-hour sail along Goa’s coast, envisage the vista of a spellbinding sunset. If you ride with a companion, it will be far more lovely than your fantasy. After a long day of sightseeing, taking a sunset cruise will be truly soothing.

  • Goa Bollywood Tour

One of Goa’s best cruises departs from the Captain of Ports Jetty in Panjim at 11:15 a.m. With one daily departure, it leads you to the Mandovi River Backwater. Additionally, you will delight in the on-board live music, which will keep you occupied till the end of your trip. 

  •  Party Boat Cruises

Goa is notorious for its thriving nightlife, which includes party boats. Partygoers can enjoy dancing, DJ music, and an energetic environment on these cruises. Goa is all about having a wonderful time and having a blast, so if you enjoy having a good time, you should take a Party Boat Cruise. It is one of the best cruises in Goa and is suitable for office parties, wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, and anniversaries.

  • Full moon cruise(special cruise in Goa)

This cruise is designed solely for loving couples to enjoy a memorable moment together. It starts around 08:30 pm and lasts for two hours. Couples take pleasure in this full moon cruise as gentle, romantic moonlight glistens on the flowing river.  

  • Houseboat cruise

While on vacation in this party destination, Goa’s houseboat cruises will provide you with a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience. It departs at Chapora Fort and offers beautiful views of churches, historic settlements, farmland, and magnificent scenery. You can enjoy this gorgeous ride with your sweetheart while sharing a drink. in the Goan backwaters, you can have a glimpse of fishes and birds and witness pretty dolphins swim in unison while on your houseboat cruise. If you choose the upper deck of the houseboat, you may also savour Goan cuisine.

Timings and Durations

The length of a cruise can vary considerably, from a few hours for dinner and sunset cruises to a half-day or a full-day choice for more in-depth exploration. The times of the cruises might also change; party cruises are frequently offered in the evenings, whilst sunset cruises, as their name suggests, are typically arranged around sunset.

Booking a Cruise in Goa

Bookings for cruises can often be made in advance at the offices of cruise companies, through online resources, or travel agents. The type of voyage, the number of amenities, and the length all affect the cost. Due to their popularity and the inclusions they provide, sunset and supper cruises are frequently more expensive.

Few tips for Cruisers

According to the sort of cruise, dress correctly. Although most places allow casual attire, you might wish to dress a little more formally for dinner cruises. For a secure and enjoyable trip, heed the crew’s instructions and respect the environment. To guarantee a place, make a reservation in advance, especially during busy tourist seasons. Before making a reservation, review the inclusions and exclusions to see what is included in the cruise.


The Goa Cruise Guide provides a thorough overview of the many fascinating cruise opportunities accessible along Goa’s breathtaking coastline. These cruises provide something for every kind of visitor, from peaceful sunsets to exciting parties, from formal dinners to hazardous water activities. A Goa cruise might be the highlight of your trip to this energetic Indian state, whether you’re looking for amusement, leisure, or discovery.

One of Goa’s best cruises

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