Ask a Dental Imaging Expert: What Are the Benefits of a Planmeca ProMax 3D System?

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Planmeca has earned the reputation of being a global leader in healthcare technology and is the largest privately-held manufacturer of professional dental equipment in the world. Dentists recognize the quality of Planmeca’s ProMax line of 2D and 3D imaging systems, as well as the software solutions that accompany them.

If you’re seriously considering Planmeca for your next CBCT purchase, either by recommendation, reputation, or because you currently operate with Planmeca equipment in another office or are replacing a Planmeca, get started by knowing the leading benefits of these systems and why doctors choose them over their competitors.

High-Quality Imaging: The Planmeca ProMax 3D produces high-resolution, detailed images of the patient’s oral and maxillofacial structures. Its advanced imaging technology ensures clear visualization of teeth, bone, soft tissues, and anatomical features, facilitating accurate diagnoses and treatment planning.

Versatility: The system’s versatility allows dental professionals to perform a wide range of imaging tasks using a single machine. It offers panoramic, cephalometric, and 3D CBCT imaging, providing comprehensive diagnostic information for various dental and maxillofacial procedures.

Minimal Radiation Exposure: The Planmeca ProMax 3D incorporates low-dose imaging protocols, minimizing radiation exposure to the patient while maintaining image quality. This commitment to low patient doses and safety is essential in dental imaging technology.

Improved Treatment Planning: With the combination of 3D CBCT and panoramic images, dental practitioners can create more accurate and detailed treatment plans. The ability to view anatomical structures from multiple angles enhances the precision of implant placement, orthodontic planning, and other dental procedures.

Efficient Workflow: The Planmeca ProMax 3D’s user-friendly software streamlines the imaging process, reducing chair time for patients and improving overall workflow in the dental practice. The system’s automated features simplify image acquisition, allowing dental professionals to focus more on patient care.

Patient Education: The high-quality images generated by the ProMax 3D can be used for patient education and communication. Visual aids can help patients better understand their oral health conditions and the proposed treatment options, leading to increased patient satisfaction and compliance.

Collaboration: The Planmeca ProMax 3D supports seamless integration with other digital systems, enabling efficient data sharing and collaboration among dental specialists and medical professionals for comprehensive patient care.

How to Save 30-50% Off a Planmeca ProMax System

Certified pre-owned dealers can often find you current and previous generations of the most in-demand dental CBCT brands, saving you money and helping you get started with 3D imaging as quickly as possible.

For over 10 years, Renew Digital has been the leader in certified pre-owned dental imaging equipment. They have a wide range of pan/ceph systems, as well as CBCT and intraoral scanners, all from the leading brands dentists trust – including Sirona, Planmeca, Carestream, i-CAT/DEXIS, Vatech, and many more.

They back the quality of the pre-owned equipment they sell through a rigorous system of testing and inspection, and then give peace of mind with their comprehensive parts and labor warranty, so you can be sure the equipment they install will work safely and effectively for many years to come.

They provide full-service installation and training and project management services, just as you would receive if you purchased a new machine.

Reach a dedicated sales rep by calling Renew Digital at (888) 246-5611 or completing an online form. Your rep will work with you to determine how your equipment will be used, where it will be placed, and match you to the brands and models most likely to work within your configuration. From purchase through installation, they’ll provide you with the 5-star-rated customer service for which they’ve been known for years.

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