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Automatic or Manual Transmission when Getting a Driving License?

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The question of whether to get a driver’s license for automatic or manual transmission is a situation that has been occupying the minds of many people lately. Driver candidates who are researching the question of automatic or manual driver’s license may sometimes have difficulty deciding at this point. In the past, candidates who took the driving test to get a driver’s license had to drive a manual transmission car during the Automatic car lessons. If they wish, drivers can use an automatic transmission vehicle after obtaining their driver’s license. At this point, driver candidates were not offered any choice. However, today, candidates have the right to take the exam with an automatic transmission if they wish.

Does It Make Sense to Get a Manual Transmission License or an Automatic Transmission License?

One of the issues that many prospective drivers are curious about and have difficulty deciding on is whether to have a manual transmission license or an automatic transmission license. This is something that will change depending on your preferences. At this point, one of the questions that users wonder is the answer to the question of whether a manual driver’s license can be driven automatically. If you get a manual transmission license, you can drive either a manual or automatic transmission car. In other words, there is no obstacle to driving an automatic transmission vehicle while having a manual transmission license. But if you have an automatic transmission license, you cannot drive vehicles with manual transmission. If you’re stuck between two options and have trouble driving a manual transmission, ask yourself if you can use an automatic transmission for life. If you answer yes to this question, getting an automatic transmission license would be a logical option. However, keep in mind that you cannot drive a manual transmission vehicle with this license.

What does it say on the automatic transmission license?

It is wondered whether there is a statement in the automatic transmission license stating whether the license holder can drive a manual vehicle. With the new driving license system, automatic transmission license holders will have a ‘ Only automatic transmission vehicle ‘usable’ is included. In other words, using a manual transmission is prevented with an automatic transmission license.

Is it possible to convert an automatic transmission license to manual transmission? 

One of the topics that users are curiously researching is converting an automatic transmission license to a manual transmission. Drivers who have an automatic transmission license can take the exam to convert their license to a manual transmission whenever they wish. At this point, drivers must complete half of the 14 lesson hours of driving training. There is no need to retake the written exam, which includes theoretical knowledge. Just taking the driving test will be sufficient. Additionally, as we mentioned, they have to attend half of the driving training lessons. In addition, drivers who change their automatic transmission license to manual transmission must pay fees again, such as tuition and course fees.

There is no age limit difference between automatic transmission license and normal driving license. Both types of driver’s license are considered class B. Therefore, it is sufficient for individuals who want to get an automatic transmission license to have completed the age of 18.


Automatic or Manual License?

The best answer to the question of automatic or manual Automatic car instructor can be given by the person himself. Nowadays, many people turn to an automatic transmission license because they have difficulty using a manual transmission. Obtaining an automatic transmission license will be easier than manual transmission. However, as we mentioned before, it is not possible to drive a manual vehicle with an automatic transmission license. However, manual transmission license holders can use automatic transmission. If we evaluate at this point, it would be much more advantageous to get a manual transmission license. If you want to get an automatic transmission license, consider whether you will drive a manual car later in life. If you do not want to drive a manual car, it will be easier to get an Automatic driving lessons in Coventry.

What is written on the driver’s license of those who take the automatic transmission test and pass?

With the new system, the certificates of those who receive training in a vehicle with automatic transmission and pass the exam say “They can only drive automatic vehicles.

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