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Beating the Heat and the Bugs: Your Summer Pest Survival Guide

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The shiny summer not only brings warmth and outing opportunities but also welcomes unwanted guests (common summer pests). The hot and humid climate provides them ideal conditions to reproduce and shedding areas provides them with food, water, and shelter resources to survive.  

The only way to keep common summer pests away from your home or property is to adopt some effective hygiene practices, take adequate measures, and consult professional pest control Richmond services. They provide accurate assistance and guaranteed removal of these creepy creatures. 

How to Safeguard Your Property from Summer Pests?

In this guide, we will provide you with effective strategies that can help you safeguard your property from common summer pests and enjoy stress-free evenings in your garden and TV lounge. 

Maintain A Well-sealed Home

Pests including both insects and rodents are creepy crawlers that can easily enter your home and access your living areas through minute pores, tree branches, and indoor plant pots. Therefore, the very first thing to control pests is blocking their entrance points. 

It needs a thorough inspection of all possible areas where they can get entrance to your home including doors, windows, Attic, and water sewerage system. 

You can use sealed tapes to block under door spaces and fix loose door or window frames, and cement to block wall holes and crevices. Make sure to keep the Attic and pet door closed.  

Keep Your Place Clean and Tidy 

Cleanliness is the key to enjoying a healthy lifestyle, avoiding stress, and keeping pests at a safe distance from your home. The reason is that dirty and messy areas usually attract pests more because they provide them with plenty of food and water resources. 

Decluttering your home, regular cleaning, dusting, and washing the floor can help you to make your home inhospitable for pests. 

Regular Maintenance 

Regular maintenance is another crucial tip to avoid pest infestation during summer and any other season. Regular inspection and preventive practices can help you to find out the presence of pests at early stages and remove them easily. 

You can use digital tools to detect pests’ presence in hidden corners or consult professional pest control service providers for further guidance. 

Use Natural Repellents 

Instead of using hazardous chemicals and pesticide sprays to avoid pest infestation, you can use natural repellents.  It will not only eliminate the expensive pesticide costs but also protect the environment, pets, and humans from the harmful impact of pesticides. 


Some common yet effective natural repellents that are easily available in almost all kitchens are Peppermint oil, Vinegar, Citrus peel, and Cedar Wood. Make sure to know the right usage method before applying these repellents to avoid side effects.

Install Screens 

Usually, pests enter your home through windows and doors. Therefore, installing screens and netting to doors and windows can also help you to block pests entrance to your home or property. It will also keep your home dust-free, and add to its looks, and value.

Elimination of Stagnant Water Resources 

Stagnant water resources serve as breeding hubs for pests because moisture is essential for almost all pests to reproduce. Therefore, make sure to clear water bodies and keep shady areas dry. It will not only reduce the risk of pest infestation but also protect from various infectious diseases that can spread due to pests including mosquito, flies, and cockroach infestation. 

Ensure Pets Hygiene 

Keeping pests is a norm and a way to show love or care for these friendly creatures of nature. However, these soft-skinned pets can carry pests to your home. Therefore, considering your pet’s hygiene can also protect you and your property from the dangers of pest infestation. 

Call Pest Control Experts

Whether you want to know preventive measures to avoid pest infestation or looking for methods to remove pests, calling professional pest exterminators is the most effective approach. They have a skilled and well-trained crew that can eliminate pests from your home and also provide you with professional assistance to prevent pests from entering your home. 

Bottom line 

A little vigilance, proactive strategies, and adequate hygiene practices can help you to safeguard your health and property from the adverse impact of pest infestation. You can use this guide or consult with professional pest control services for more accurate and professional guidance to enjoy a pest-free summer with your kids and loved ones.

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