Best NGO-Made Gifting Ideas to Make Your Diwali Special

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Best NGO-Made Gifting Ideas to Make Your Diwali Special

Wondering about what to gift your employees this Diwali? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. At Humanitive, we make an effort to pick the most unique and meaningful Diwali gift ideas for employees. This Diwali, do a good deed and gift Meaningful NGO products online in India.

While many of us are privileged enough to spend a lot on celebrations, we should give a thought to those who are significantly less fortunate. Give your employees unique and meaningful Diwali gifts this year to make them feel loved, appreciated, and valued. Buy NGO products online in India you are spreading happiness in their homes and lives. These meaningful products are of high quality and extremely sustainable.

Here are some of the best NGO products to gift this Diwali 2023.

Eco-Friendly Gift Hampers

At Humanitve, we know the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly gifting. This is why we carefully select our NGO products for Diwali to ensure the lowest environmental effect and maximum social benefit. We provide a wide variety of eco-friendly gifts that are consistent with the core values of your company. By selecting these eco-friendly gifting options, you not only encourage people to do the same but also promote green living that helps to conserve energy.

Personalized Gifts 

Personalized gifts are an excellent way to showcase your love and thoughtfulness. Every NGO is different and so should your gifts. We believe that your Diwali gifts should showcase your company’s individuality and its values. Many NGOs offer customization options to add a personal note or your company’s logo to each gift.

Hand-painted Diyas and Lamps

Diwali is the festival of light and prosperity. So diyas and lamps are one of the most important parts of the festival. Handmade products represent a lot of effort and emotion.

Many NGOs paint and design lamps and earthen diyas. By choosing these hand-painted Diyas and Lamps you can support and appreciate them.

Handcrafted Showpieces & Décor Items

Handcrafted items are more than just objects; each item is a unique display of craftsmanship. You can see the dedication and love in every item. Gifting these handmade products is like giving a piece of the artist’s heart, talent, and legacy.

Many NGOs have artists and craftspersons like that who can create exquisite pieces. Whether it’s a handcrafted diya set, gift boxes, or wooden showpieces you can choose whatever gifts you like. By choosing these gifts, you can make these artists feel cherished and valued.

Ceramic Planters set

This is a perfect Diwali gift for people who love greenery and nature. Many individuals enjoy having miniature planters near their office desks or other work areas. Plants not only add beauty and warmth to any home or office but can instantly create a soothing atmosphere.

Many NGOs made such ceramic or wooden planters which are very sustainable for the environment. You can choose a variety of styles, colors, and dimensions.


Choosing a Diwali gift can be a very difficult task. It’s a widely celebrated festival and employees eagerly wait for Diwali bonuses and special gifts. So proper planning is necessary. By giving NGO-made gifts and products you can make your and other people’s day. Whether you want to gift personalized gifts, eco-friendly gift hampers, handmade showpieces, décor items, vases, diyas, candles, or wooden pieces. These NGOs make everything for everyone. By gifting these you can make an impression on your employees, clients, and valued supporters. This Diwali, celebrate the joy of unity and the spirit of giving. Check out Meaningful NGO products online in India for Diwali right now!

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