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Breast Cancer in India: Tips to Help you Manage the Treatment Cost

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in India. More than 27 percent of Indian women cancer patients have breast cancer and are going for cancer treatment. However, cancer treatment at reputed private medical facilities can be very high.

Depending on the stage of breast cancer and the recurrence of the cancer, the treatment costs can vary. We will talk about the cost of cancer treatment and how to manage it to lessen financial burdens on you or your family.

The type of hospital you choose, the doctor you go to for the treatment, and the patient’s health factors are taken into consideration. Read on to find tips for the management of breast cancer treatment costs in India. The average cost of breast cancer treatment in India is 3 to 4 lakhs. However, post-recovery care and recurrence cases add to the initial expenses.

Tips for managing the cost of cancer treatment

Take healthcare insurance as a precaution

Health insurance is very important. Health insurance coverage ensures that your finances are covered while you battle severe diseases. As we grow old, we will face health issues and diseases. Therefore, getting health insurance coverage is a crucial step in planning future healthcare emergencies. Many ignore the need to get healthcare insurance coverage, often with disastrous results.

Health insurance coverage may cover a gamut of healthcare expenses linked with breast cancer treatment in India. This way, the patient and their family can stay prepared for any kind of emergency and do not have to shoulder financial liabilities. Before taking out a health insurance policy, it is advisable to read the fine print to understand the scope of coverage.

Choose an affordable, charitable hospital

When going for breast cancer treatment, the hospital you choose is vital for the outcome. The facilities you get and the money you will spend all depends on the hospital you choose. When choosing a cancer hospital, go for a charitable, affordable hospital where you will get good cancer treatment services and recovery services.

Charitable hospitals take no or low fees from the patient for treatment and are best if you wish to save money on the treatment process. However, when choosing the cancer hospital, do not compromise on the quality of doctors you choose for the treatment. The oncologist you choose should be well-known and experienced.

Choose the doctor after research

The treatment cost for breast cancer also depends on the doctor you choose. When you choose a good, experienced doctor, you expect a comprehensive treatment with minimal chances of a relapse. Recurrence of cancer is very common and can lead to an increase in the money spent on breast cancer treatment.

For the best results on breast cancer treatment at an affordable cost, choose a doctor who is well known for cancer treatments and with a great track record. Many doctors in India also offer their services for free to cancer patients or poor patients. If you want to get treated by such doctors, then you can do research about them and choose one.

Connect with a cancer foundation or NGO

Many cancer foundations and NGOs in India are working on cancer awareness. Such foundations help cancer patients by arranging accommodation for them or arranging recommended anti-cancer drugs for them for free or at low prices. Connecting with such organisations can cut your costs considerably by taking care of your additional expenses and medicine costs.

Cancer foundations can also guide you through the breast cancer treatment process and help you out with the counselling needed throughout the treatment process. NGOs and cancer foundations support the treatment of many financially challenged people who cannot bear the expenses of cancer treatment.


These are the tips you can follow for affordable breast cancer treatment. In India, you can get breast cancer treatment at many multi-speciality or cancer hospitals. Breast cancer treatment costs in India can rise in the future. The costs of cancer treatment can be high, but a positive treatment outcome is invaluable.

Breast cancer treatment is often ignored till the condition progresses to an advanced stage. Women should be aware of the ways to check breast cancer symptoms and get cancer treatment at the earliest. If you suspect you have breast cancer, do not ignore the signs. Consult a specialist without delay.

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