Bring Out the Charm in Your Custom Mailer Boxes

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Custom mailer boxes are utilized by businesses to ship their products to their buyers. When customers order a sample of goods online, companies ship their items out in well designed and personalized boxes printed with their logo to give it a customized touch. Many industries use these kinds of boxes for e-commerce orders, subscription boxes, promotional kits, and gift boxes. Famous brands that are often seen with custom printed mailer boxes which include clothing, retail stores and make-up lines. With the increase of online shopping from customers because it is convenient.

Custom mailer boxes are a trend that do not seem to be going away. Keeping the brand on the customers’ minds when they order from your online store by shipping items out in these mailer boxes. In particular, custom mailer boxes are the best source of party favors. These luxurious mailer boxes are perfect way to present gifts at social or traditional events. Mailer boxes are a key to brand representation. Representing products confidently with the addition of embellishments and popping color combinations to these tuck top mailer boxes will definitely create an image in many people’s minds.


Mailer Box fits Every Product Perfectly 

Custom mailer boxes are safe enough for packaging all types of products as they have certain tabs which lock the boxes strongly due to which products remain shielded from harmful substances which can damage the products packaged inside. The material of which the custom mailer boxes are made is sturdy enough which is able to deal with any kind of force. These boxes are usually used to ship, transport and deliver a product from one place to the other without any damage caused to the product. These boxes consist of ear tabs which make sure that the boxes will remain locked while transportation so that products can easily be delivered to their destinations.

It is essential to personalize these boxes to put inserts in them which makes it easy to place several products as they are dividers. The inserts hold the products tightly and do not allow them to move freely inside and keep them safe from damage as they are completely fitted in the boxes. Packaging has become a very essential element in the business world. Every product requires an attractive packaging for which the best design which can never go wrong and promote your brand unintentionally is custom mailer boxes. Whether you own a cosmetics brand or a food brand these boxes are a perfect way to present your product in it.


Benefits of Mailer Boxes 

The most important change happens the minute the product is packed inside the box. From that moment onwards, it is part of the product itself and not just a piece of packaging. The box is responsible for both; keeping the product safe and presenting it as a desirable commodity. In a market where multiple companies are shipping goods to customers all over the world, custom mailer boxes have suddenly become a vital element of commerce. Marketing teams are aware of the presentation value of custom boxes, and product and logistics teams have found them to be underrated tools for making sure an item’s packaging performs its assigned duties.


Reduced Delivery Cost

Boxes that are designed specifically just to hold your products usually cost less and need less packing material to shield delicate or fragile products from damage until they reach their destination. While the reduction in stamp or delivery costs may not add-up too much on an individual basis, it can add up to significant savings over some time.


Increased Visibility in the Consumer’s Marketplace

Custom mailer boxes embossed with the corporate logo and marketing slogans can deliver any message to the targeted customers at every step of the distribution and delivery process. Increase sales by designing a beautiful and memorable packaging solution for your products. With logos that are recognizable by virtually everyone in the world, products are always in the buyers’ minds.


Improved Environmental Responsibility

Choosing eco-friendly materials for the custom mailer boxes can allow the industry to reduce its environmental impact. Apart from the obvious benefits to our earth, choosing green materials can have an impact on the targeted buyers. Of course, the most important aspect of opting for this packaging material is the real impact that the company can make on the health and well-being of our planet Earth.


Try Out Eco-Friendly Materials

It is a great idea to have high standards when it comes to the materials used for the mailer boxes’ packaging. Using eco-friendly materials can both; stay light on the budget and also give the custom mailer box a natural look. Make sure that the boxes are made with quality, strength, and durability. Some of the best eco-friendly material used for the manufacturing of custom mailer boxes are:

  • Kraft Material: One of the most used and eco-friendly materials is kraft. The material is sturdy and 100% recyclable and biodegradable which makes it easy to dispose after the rightful use.
  • E-Flute Corrugated Cardboard: The E-flute corrugated cardboard is stiff and durable which makes it the best choice for delicate products as it requires utmost protection to the product.
  • Cardboard: The cardboard material is also easily recyclable and provides protection to the product against outer damages.
  • Rigid Material: Rigid material is best to provide a luxurious look to your product. This material is sturdy and provides utmost protection to your product.


Unique Shapes and Colors 

Using distinctive shapes, colors, sizes and designs are creative ways to show off the brand. It is better to hire professional designing experts to help with the creation of custom mailer boxes. Investing on making the custom mailer box look unique can really make the brand outlook different from the other competitors.


Add Glam with Embellishments 

Adding different types of accessories such as intricate designs, shiny embellishments, etc. can really give the custom mailer box a little uniqueness. Try to get a little artsy to make the product shine on the shelf, unlike the others and use embossing, gold and silver foiling, Spot UV and various coats.

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