best leading construction company in Islamabad
best leading construction company in Islamabad

Building Dreams: Islamabad’s Leading Construction Company

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Want to build your dream home? We are here to help you out at every step. Our construction company is the one-stop solution for you. From soil analysis to finalizing the home, we take full responsibility for constructing your dream house. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and is also renowned for its creative and beautiful architecture. The construction business is growing fast and is getting recognition in Islamabad specifically. From roads to well-structured towns to furnished homes, everything speaks quality. We are the best leading construction company in Islamabad, with over 5+ years of experience. Our project management team will ensure the timely completion of the project. The benefit of hiring a construction team is their ample knowledge, expertise, and experience in the construction industry. They can guide you about the layout and designs and can guide you according to your demands and within the budget, it can save time and effort collectively. The construction team comes with the project manager. Project managers will also help you obtain all the legal permits with regulatory concerns. We provide you with a group of experienced engineers, professional architects, and interior designers to provide the best construction services for your future home.

Expertise And Services Provided by Our Construction Company

We have completed 150+ projects in five years. Customer satisfaction is what has made our company successful. We have secured some renowned clients in Islamabad who trust us. We provide residential and commercial constructions through our quality work of bringing clients’ visions into reality. Our value engineering is the core of the company. Our engineers and designers help us at every step of substituting materials, sourcing solutions, and process modification to help the clients with cost reduction.

Our services include architectural designs, construction of gray structures, interior and exterior finishing, and soil testing.

Architectural Designs

We provide our clients with the best architectural designs. We pay close attention to all our steps during this crucial process. The project starting stage is when the architects get themselves familiar with the land they have to do construction. The vision of clients, surroundings of the potential land, schematic designs, construction documents, blueprints, biddings, negotiations, budget making, etc., come under architectural designs. Our construction company will discuss and review all these things before constructing gray structures.

Construction of Grey Structures

A gray structure plays the “house skeleton” role in any construction. It includes constructing the ground floor, then systematically building the brick wall, leaving spaces for doors and windows. Then comes the construction of the first floor; after laying down the bedding of bricks comes the process of damp proofing, column footing, and backfilling when making the building waterproof.

Interior And Exterior Finishing

Interior finishing includes dry walls, plaster, tile, stone, and paneling. For dry walls, furring strips help in making walls even. Then comes the application, which protects the wall from external damage. After all this main work comes tiling, stones, floor furnishing, and paneling.

External finishing includes the outer layout of the house. The sidings, stone, bricks, coloring, etc., are all primary components of exterior finishing.

Soil Testing 

The first step in the construction of any place is soil testing. It is a crucial step. We have a team of geotechnical engineers who test the soil of potential land. Engineers collect different soil samples from different soil layers and push them to determine the water stability in the ground. To ensure the quality of land, soil contractors conduct several tests. Contractors do gravity tests to know about the density of soil. Another test is the moisture analysis test, which is essential in the construction and agricultural industries. This test helps determine the quantity of moisture in the soil for further construction.

Stages Involved in Building a House

Building a house is a challenging process. It involves a lot of stages to get the final and finished product. Below are the phases involved in the process of a building or house construction.

First Stage

It involves soil testing, where construction companies conduct a few tests on soil to understand the consistency of mud. If the ground is rock hard, contractors will use machinery to remove the hard part and lay the foundation of the building. If the soil is loose, excavators use compactors to compress the dirt so that constructors can have a working foundation for house building.

Second Stage

This stage involves styling the layout. In this stage, the client comes in direct contact with the architecture. The client should discuss his vision of the house, the structure of the house, the rooms required, and space requirements.

Third Stage

This stage involves services required for construction. Contractors should consider these necessities for the power supply, water supply, gas, generators, etc. Contact other service contractors and negotiate to reasonably rent these necessities to prevent chaos and timely completion of projects.

Fourth Stage

This stage deals with the construction of the base for the house. The fourth stage is the critical stage; after this stage, the actual construction of the house begins according to the client’s vision.

Fifth Stage

The fifth stage is applicable when the house is somewhat prepared; external finishing then comes into play—plastering the walls and fitting the tiles. Material or designs for the outer layer of the house all come under this stage.

Sixth Stage

Installation of the interior takes place in this stage. After the completion of the external finishing of the house, it’s time to install windows, doors, wirings, plumbing services, and electricity connections.

Seventh Stage

Interior finishing of the house, from painting the walls to making the house more liveable. The cleaning of the fully furnished home. You are handing the fully furnished home to the client, decorating it according to your taste, and transferring your belongings to your newly built home. Interior designing it. Thinking about color themes for each decorative item selection and placement comes under this final stage.

In Conclusion

We aim to please our customers and fulfill their demands and vision fully. Our team of experts ensures that you get what is best for you. We provide services like architectural designing, construction of gray structures, interior and exterior finishing, and soil testing. Construction managers and experts of our team are the ones under whose supervision the construction of the property is done. Customers are an essential asset to us. We have gained the trust of 100+ happy clients. We construct buildings for residential and commercial use. If you want a good construction company to build your residential place or for commercial construction in Islamabad, visit our website now.

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