Concrete Surface Grinder
Concrete Surface Grinder

Concrete Surface Grinder Is Used For Many Applications

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Concrete flooring is a common activity in commercial, industrial, and public-sector properties. Being reflective, hygienic, and a durable material, polished concrete is the go-to, choice for manufacturing plants, warehouses, schools, and other commercial properties. It saves costs of electricity by reflecting light and lasts for years. However, despite being a popular choice, concrete is not only a tricky but stubborn material when it comes to its application. 

Once set, concrete entails industrial-strength machinery to grind down, polish and repair. So, what ensues if you have laid concrete that requires levelling or repairing? Maybe your existing concrete floor requires laying with adhesives for a new coating? In these cases, you will probably require a concrete surface grinder machine, plus many other high-quality flooring machinery. This blog post takes a look at concrete grinders in greater detail.

Floor Grinding & Levelling

Concrete grinders are extremely versatile pieces of a kit. Contractors, work with a good-quality concrete grinder to grind a minute layer of concrete from the surface of a floor, in preparation for adhesives or polishing.

Before polishing or painting a concrete floor, the surface requires proper preparation at first. If a concrete floor is cracked, damaged or uneven, then it requires levelling in preparation for polishing or painting. Floor grinders are meant to do exactly that. Using rapidly rotating discs, walk-behind floor grinders work to smooth all inconsistencies in the concrete’s surface and edges. 

Through concrete grinding a smoother, more level and consistent finish can be achieved. After the dust has been removed, the floor should be ready for polishing or painting work.

Once the concrete floor is cured and set, a floor grinder is required to go over the surface multiple times with the coarsest diamond discs. After the floor becomes smooth a grinder polisher machine, with a fine-grit diamondconcrete blade for the grinder, is used to achieve the final sheen.

Polishing Concrete With Grinder Polisher

Once a concrete floor has been grinded to an adequate smoothness, it may be polished with a finer-grain diamond disc. As in sanding down a piece of wood, the process begins with a coarse disc and progresses to finer abrasives every time it is ground. Once the concrete floor has been ground to a desired level and smoothness, the polishing process comes into play using a grinder polisher machine. Hinging on the degree of shine required for the floor, between 1500 and 3000 grit is used, for the final polishing.

Paint Latex and Adhesive Removal

A major chunk of concrete floor preparation comprises removing materials and coatings from the surface. Some contractors opt to use chemicals, power washing tools or even tons of baking soda to remove paint, latex, or adhesives. However, today the most preferred and effective method for removing paint from a concrete floor is by using a concrete surface grinder machine.

Sum Up

A sturdy walk-behind concrete floor grinder provides a chemical-free solution to coating removal. Furthermore, after the coating has been removed, the ground and polished concrete will be ready for a new coat of adhesive, paint, or latex paint.


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