House Extensions
House Extensions

Creative House Extensions for Extra Space

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House extensions are a great way to have more space without moving. Extensions usually include adding extra space in your bedroom, living area, kitchen, etc. Extending your house can be modified and boost the competence of your house. However, you have to cut out the other places from your house to accommodate an extra room.

Krystal Architecture has decades of experience.  Our house extension builders are committed to finding the best solution for your property.

Types of house extensions:

House extensions come in different forms and sizes. Our house extension specialist will visit your property and determine the type of house extension you can get from us. For example, most owners only consider the rear and front extensions. Moreover, so many possibilities are available to you if you own a semi-detached and terraced property. So, no need to worry our team will help you with our best ideas. We offer you the following:

  • Bedroom Extension
  • Home-office Extension
  • Kitchen Extension
  • Dining room Extension
  • living room Extension
  • Storage room Extension

Profitable benefits of house extension:

Adding a change to your property has several advantages, a few of which are listed below:

Time and cost-effective :

You may refuse to buy a new brand house by building an addition to your current one. Meanwhile, you may invest in improving your current residency to increase your long-term savings.
However, you can use the saved money to upgrade your recently built house extension’s interior.

Adding to your home is not only adding extra space into your house but also time efficient.  By avoiding the time-consuming process of advertising your property for sale, selling it, house finding it, moving furniture, etc., and dealing with all the extra stress and hassle that comes with shifting, you may save time.

House Extensions
House Extensions

Increase property value

By renovating your house, you can increase the value of your property. Adding a new space into the house means expanding the capabilities and value if you construct a new room or area. Meet and greet with a team of house extensions of Krystal Architecture to get the best services throughout the UK.

Completely personalised:
Your house must meet your demands and your idea of what a wonderful house should seem like. As a result, a house addition may help you further individualise your home to represent your preferences and sense of style.
This covers the amount of space required, the outcome of the architectural design, and the interior, to mention a few.
House extensions can be flexible by specifically catering to your requirements and needs. Our team of house extension experts will help you to meet your needs.

What makes us different from others:

Let’s find out why we are different from others.

Experts mindset:

We have decades of experience and handled hundreds of projects over this period. Our Home Extension experts will visit your property on the appointed day and do a comprehensive inspection. You are welcome to share any concepts you have to help us to understand things better. Our experts propose an extension plan designed to meet your expectation of a dream house.

Customers Satisfaction:

Our first focus is to meet the requirements of a project and ensure that our clients are happy when the project is finished. Get free house extension quotes from our customer care.
People are extremely happy with the outcomes we deliver and are pleased to share the news about Krystal Architecture. In reality, a large portion of our business comes from client recommendations that we already have.

Happy Clients:

Our house extension prices are lower than those of other contractors, and we are the most affordable option. But rest assured that we always provide you with more for your money. Any type of refurbishment is expensive. And most likely one of the most significant investments in your house. Krystal Architecture offer the most value for your money without adding any unforeseen extra fees.

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