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Cultural tours of Kerala: An amazing tour experience of South Indian culture

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Kerala, often known as God’s Own Country, is a land of charming landscapes. The cultural tours of Kerala offers pleasant journey into the heart of South Indian culture. They take you to its tranquil backwaters, and a rich cultural aspects.

A cultural tour in Kerala offers a unique chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant customs. During it, you come to know the artistic moves, and local way of life. The best Kerala tour from Cochin package by Keralapackage further define your journey moreover many people take assistance from Keralapackages. Explore, its classical dance forms and ancient temples to culinary delights and serene backwaters.

1: Embrace the Melodies of Classical Music and Dance

Music and dance are the integral part of Kerala’s culture. As you embark on your cultural tours of Kerala tunes of classical music firstly greets you. Meanwhile, you come across the graceful moves of ancient dance forms. Witness a Kathakali program is an experience like no other.

This ancient dance drama contains vibrant outfits, loud makeup, and facial gestures. With which, it further narrates stories from Indian epics. The performers’ intense training and hard work shine through each move. Above all, it makes Kathakali a true visual spectacle.

For those seeking a more soft dance form, Mohiniyattam beckons. This graceful dance is set apart by its subtle expressions and elegant moves.

It often tells tales of love. Watching a Mohiniyattam program is akin to witness poetry in motion. The dancer’s graceful moves and eyes further attract the audience’s hearts.

2: Immerse Yourself in the Richness of Temples

Kerala’s temples are not only places of worship but also building marvels. They further reflect the state’s deep spiritual roots. The Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Trivandrum is a unique example of Dravidian style.

It is filled with minute statues and vibrant murals. As you step into its halls, You will meanwhile feel a sense of reverence and awe. It speaks to the divinity embedded in Kerala’s culture.

The Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple is devoted to Lord Krishna. It is further a known sacred site.

Its sanctity and the rhythm of daily rituals provide a glimpse into the divine rituals. Above all, they have endured for centuries.

3: Savor the Flavors of Kerala

No cultural tour of Kerala is complete without having in its local cuisine. Firstly, Kerala’s culinary landscape is an burst of flavors.

It has a use of coconut, spices, and local products. Taste the famous Kerala Sadya (a local feast served on a banana leaf) to Malabar biryani. Above all, the food here is a journey through taste and culture.

Make sure to try appam, soft and fluffy rice pancake, and puttu, a steamed rice cake. Both of them are breakfast staples. The fragrant seafood curries and lip smacking chutneys will leave you craving for more.

4: Cruise the Backwaters and Experience Local Life

Kerala’s backwaters are not just a scenic setting. They offer a window into the daily lives of local people. A houseboat cruise along the backwaters allows you to witness villages nestled along the banks.

Meanwhile, catch glimpses of fishermen at work, and observe the rhythm of life by the water. Engage with locals and learn about their customs and way of life. It further adds a layer of cultural immersion that enhances your experience.

5: Discover the Craftsmanship of Kerala

Kerala is firstly known for its minute craftsmanship. It may be in the form of ancient wooden structure, unique jewelry, or vibrant clothes.

Meanwhile, make a visit to a local craft village or a handicraft store. It gives you the chance to admire the skill and devotion that goes into creating them.

6: Relish the Spirit of Festivals

Kerala’s calendar is filled with vibrant festivals. They meanwhile shows its diverse culture and divine peace. Witness the grandeur of the Thrissur Pooram.

Watching the decorated elephants, drum beats, and fire works converge, is unique. All these will leave you stunned. After that, enjoy the vibrant Pongal and the rhythmic Theyyam dance programs. They further offer insights into the divine and cultural aspects of Kerala.

7: Take Part in Yoga and Ayurveda

Kerala is also a haven for those seeking whole wellness experiences. Engage in yoga sessions amidst the serene landscapes is reviving for the body.

It further nourishes for the soul. Ayurveda treatments and massages offer a chance to align your mind, body, and spirit. They meanwhile use their ancient healing methods of the region.

8: Explore Museums and Cultural Centers

Delve deeper into Kerala’s cultural aspects by seeing its museums and cultural centers. The Kerala Folklore Museum in Kochi shows a good number of artifacts, outfits, and art. Meanwhile, they provide a picture of the state’s rich customs.

9: Engage with Locals and Stay in Home-stays

To truly immerse yourself in Kerala’s culture, try staying in ancient home-stays. These stays further provide an authentic experience. They offer insights into local customs, cuisine, and way of life.


A cultural tour of Kerala is a journey of discovery. Moreover, each moment reveals the layers of a rich and diverse heritage. It covers from the rhythmic beats of ancient music and the expressive moves of dance.

While traveling here this astonishing place fills you with the aroma of flavorful spices and the warmth of welcome. In short, culture tours of Kerala leaves an indelible impact on your heart and soul. As you return from your tour, you carry not just memories but a deeper understanding. It further makes you admire the customs that define this charming land.

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