Custom Chipboard Boxes And Packaging Solutions For Every Product

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“Premium custom chipboard boxes” is a custom packaging business, which enables companies to order unique boxes specifically for product shipping, distribution or storage. Because we believe that most companies whether large or small, want beautiful and appropriate packaging since it not only helps maintain goods intact but will also market the company to the public. When it comes to packaging, it really does not matter where it’s from, quality is important. That’s why we offer some of the best quality USA made custom chipboard boxes at the lowest prices available on the market today!


doorsteps of your customers

“Pre-made” custom chipboard boxes being delivered to the doorsteps of your customers are really nothing more than paperboard boxes stacked on a pallet. What about having them delivered in custom paperboard boxes, or custom made paperboard cases? It’s all possible when you select from our wide selection of USA made custom cardboard boxes. Pre-made cardboard boxes are great if you just need a little extra storage for an occasional fragile item, but they do not meet your every need nor do they look as nice as custom ones.


specifically for your individual or business use

Custom chipboard boxes are made specifically for your individual or business use, in your own unique design. These are the kind of packaging solutions you have been looking for. You can use these for any type of product you want to display or store, but we have boxes that are specifically designed for these items. These are made specifically to withstand the punishment of shipping, for years to come; guaranteed!


benefit to using custom chipboard boxes

The main benefit to using custom chipboard boxes versus regular paperboard boxes, or soft touch plastic packaging is the strength and durability that are built into the chipboard itself. If you are using a very heavy item, such as a wooden crate, you will definitely want to choose a strong, durable, custom box. These boxes are also available in various widths to fit most sizes of goods.


choosing the right custom chipboard boxes

When it comes to choosing the right custom chipboard boxes to use with every item you want to display, one thing to consider is what you are putting in the box. Are you putting dry food in, or are you providing moisture absorption packaging for delicate items? This will greatly affect what size you need to purchase. You can find these packaging solutions in different thicknesses, so no matter what you are putting into them, you can purchase the exact size.


easily disposable

For items that are to be displayed or stored very low, such as snacks, you can get smaller, more portable custom chipboard boxes. These are very handy when traveling and will not require any type of special handling. The material is easily disposable, and these are great for short-term marketing, such as sales flyers or fliers. You can also find these in different sizes, which will allow you to display anything, from pens to posters, in a very effective way. You can even order custom chipboard with your company logo on it, creating an attractive advertising and promotional tool.


sheer versatility

Because of their sheer versatility, custom chipboard boxes are an incredibly useful, cost-effective, and attractive solution to many forms of food packaging. They are also available in various materials, colors, thicknesses, and sizes, so no matter what you need to display or store, there is always a style to match your needs. By displaying your food in this durable, decorative container, you are making an impression on your customer that will last them for a long time. Your customers will be happy to pay more for such an item, knowing that you take the quality of your products seriously.



There are a multitude of reasons for using custom chipboard boxes and packaging solutions. You may just want to differentiate your business from another competitor, showing off your unique branding. Or you may want to show off the great quality and durability of your products sold by your company. Whatever the case, by using these containers, you are not only demonstrating your dedication to quality, but you are also setting yourself apart from the competition.

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