Custom Printed French Fry Boxes

Custom French Fry Boxes Go to Option for Your Snack Van

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French fries need no introduction. They are a worldwide famous savory snack known by various names like chips, finger chips or side dishes, etc. People of each group love to eat them. French fry lovers appreciate those brands that serve their favorable snacks in a professional manner. Proper packaging is required to retain the freshness and taste of mouthwatering french fries. Custom french fry boxes are the ultimate way to adequately store and serve french fries. Moreover, customized packaging with the brand’s logo and promotional details is a very helpful tool to enhance the brand’s recognition.

The main aim of this blog is to highlight the important points of custom-printed french fry boxes and how they can help bolster your food business. Let’s read it without wasting further time.

Keep French Fries Protected with Durable Custom French Fry Boxes:

The main purpose of any food packaging is the food’s protection from environmental factors like contamination, germs, pollutants, etc. Without any doubt, improper and unhygienic packaging reduces the product’s shelf life and cannot retain the product’s freshness for longer. Custom french fry boxes are preferable to give healthy and secure storage to the crispiest fries. They are made with food-grade paper that is moisture and grease-proof. As a result, fries do not lose their actual taste or become brittle. They reach to buyer’s place fresh and warm.

Elevate the Brand’s Image with Printed French Fry Boxes Logo:

French fries are the world’s most famous snacks. It is consumed in huge amounts. The consumption of fries is giving rise to competition. Ordinary french fry packaging can lead no way to success.  Printed french fry boxes with the brand’s logo are an influential way to single out the company’s products in the mob. A skillfully designed logo has a long-lasting impact on the buyers, enabling them to remember it for a longer period. Moreover, you can make french fry packaging appealing by adding visually attractive graphics and enticing color schemes.

Custom Kraft French Fry Boxes: Go to Way for Eco-Friendly Packaging

Another essential element of custom french fry boxes wholesale is their food-friendly nature. These boxes are manufactured with biodegradable kraft papers. Kraft paper is a wholesome solution for fries packaging. It is made with natural substances and has no poisonous effects on the food’s quality. Moreover, kraft paper packaging is 100% recyclable. Thus, it is the best tool to minimize carbon footprints and bring a positive change toward environmental safety.

Importance of Chinese Take Out Boxes for Custom Noodle Packaging:

Food packaging is of great importance, whether it is fries or a box of noodles. Quality packaging plays a vital role in preserving the actual taste and freshness of delectable noodles. Custom noodle boxes wholesale made with coated wax give moisture and airproof packaging to noodles. The noodles stay fresh and warm for an extended time. Moreover, these boxes are very easy to carry and serve noodles pleasantly.

Where to Go? Choose iCustomBoxes for First Rate French Fry Boxes Wholesale.

Are you preparing crusty french fries and looking for quality packaging to serve them? Our custom french fry boxes wholesale are the most wonderful and cost-efficient solutions. We at iCustomBoxes tailor first-rate boxes in whatever shape, size, color, and material our clients demand. Moreover, we also offer free design samples and ensure the order commencement after the final approval of our valuable buyers. Then what’s the purpose of delaying it? You can order from us now and get the valuable chance to avail our outstanding services, such as:

  • Free of cost shipment worldwide
  • Availability of free and immediate quote
  • Zero plates and die-cut charges
  • Quickest turnaround
  • Free design guidance from experts
  • Market competitive prices
  • Top-notch services
  • Free digital samples in 2D and 3D form



Which paper is used to create a custom French fry box?

Kraft and cardboard papers are the most favorable material options due to their biodegradable nature.

Can you customize a kraft french fry box wholesale with the logo?

Yes, kraft paper is print-friendly. We offer kraft french fry packaging designed with the brand’s trademark and slogans.

Do you design French custom fry containers in standard design only?

Apart from standard cone-style french fry packaging, we also personalize boxes for french fries in tray and cup shapes.

What printing methods do you utilize for printed french fry boxes?

We offer various options for printing. You can pick out offset, digital, and screen printing. However, the offset is included among the most favorable options.

What is the company’s turnaround for order delivery?

We adhere to rush and standard turnaround. Our regular turnaround to print and ship boxes includes 12 to 14 working days. However, our rush turnaround consists of 7 to 12 business days.

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