Do you want to have a high-performance and cool-looking computer?

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Here’s what Cooler Master has for you.

Cooler Master brings forth a revolutionary product for its users, MASTERBOX TD500 MESH/ MESH WHITE, an exquisitely ruthless product as it says. Cooler Master is a computer hardware company based in Taiwan.

Introducing the users to a product that is built to give your computer high performance by maintaining its temperature and providing magnificent aesthetics to it. Cooler Master launches the Best MASTERBOX TD500 MESH/ MESH WHITE with a catchy title ‘AIRFLOW IN AN ART FORM.’ and ensures the users that it has the best ‘airflow performance’.

Your CPU would have a better operating temperature. A unique impact of ARGB (Addressable RGB) through the Crystalline Tempered Glass is demonstrated by three

pre-installed ARGB fans, which influx the system with airflow and lighting. Your CPU is also protected from dust and other outer entities giving it a long beautiful life.

Features of Cooler Master TD500

Each design feature is expertly crafted to maximize performance and quality while maintaining a high and classy level of aesthetics, going beyond the limitations of lighting and cooling at the time. The MASTERBOX TD500 MESH/ MESH WHITE creates its own route to the cutting edge with cutting-edge technology that has been carved into great art.

Polygonal Mesh, developed using Cooler Master’s Fine Mesh technology, possesses a three-dimensional contour and enables combined unhindered airflow and dust filtering.

Tempered glass is generally more resistant to thermal stress and mechanical forces than regular glass, making it a valuable material in various industries. Therefore MASTERBOX TD500 MESH/ MESH WHITE uses crystalline tempered glass.

ARGB/ Fan hubs are included. Users are able to manage system light exposure (illumination) independently of the hardware configuration by employing the provided controller, and this additionally grants them the ability to use four more fan headers in case they’re in need of them.

Three CF120 ARGB fans are also included in the MASTERBOX TD500 MESH/ MESH WHITE. Even when playing the most demanding gaming sessions, the pre-installed CF120 ARGB fans convey low temperatures, outstanding gaming performance, and eye-catching aesthetics.

Versatile cooling options: Performance is not sacrificed owing to support for up to seven 120mm fans and 360 mm in diameter front as well as top radiator support.

Dual 360mm radiator support: The two 360mm radiators for enthusiast-grade cooling have been included on the leading edge and front panel to cool even the most intense systems.

The Cooler Master has kept a room for upgrades for the users: There is plenty of flexibility for upgrades in order to remain updated with support for up to a 410mm graphics card, and a 165mm CPU cooler, and an authorised length of 180mm PSU.

Dimensions: The dimensions of MASTERBOX TD500 MESH/ MESH WHITE are 493 x 217 x 469mm (incl. Protrusions), 429.5 x 205x 447mm (excl. Protrusions)


MASTERBOX TD500 is one of the best coolers for your PC, cooling it for delivering better performance. Get in touch with to get PC parts in the most affordable prices.

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