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Moving to a new apartment is an event that does not happen too often in our lives. But not everyone can quickly gain experience in this matter. That’s why the prospect of moving causes stress for most people even before they start packing. How does Office Movers in Dubai organize it correctly?

How movers properly sort and pack things when moving to a new apartment?

Commercial movers can divide the clothes depending on who they belong to (children’s, wives, husbands). And other things – regarding the rooms in the apartment (from the living room, from the bedroom, etc.). But this is more suitable for those who have practically no time left to get ready and have to sweep everything off the shelves.

Movers divide things by importance in each group (“from the kitchen” or “for the child”). For example, the first category includes what will be needed first (items of regular or daily use). For the second – things “for the occasion” (clothes for a different season). And the third category is “spare” (think again, maybe you’ll still sell/donate/throw them away).

You should rely on “careful” Villa Movers in Dubai. Take care in advance of the safety of your property if it is really dear to you.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Movers use trash bags for packaging, place your belongings in bags of one color.
  2. We take apart everything that can be taken apart. And then package and label. For example, when disassembling a table, wrap each piece in special thick paper or cardboard (bubble film is best). After this, mark each package with their name. Our movers place small accessories in a separate bag, twist it and secure it to one of the parts. If they can fit all the components into narrow boxes or secure them together, it will be just perfect. What about the instructions? If you still have them, put them in a bag with accessories. This will simplify the process of “restoring” the furniture in a new place. Pack tools for assembly and disassembly in an “essentials” box.
  3. When moving to a new apartment, movers be sure to mark packages containing fragile or breakable items with bright labels: “Fragile!” or “Watch out for glass!”
  4. Wrap upholstered furniture in thick fabric, cover the top with thick film and secure with tape. Do the same with mattresses.

The most convenient and versatile packaging is packaging film. Use it for any things and objects (dishes, computer equipment, shoes or clothes). It will also perfectly protect any furniture from dirt and mechanical damage.

  • To avoid scratching other things, we wrap foam rubber or cling film around the handles of all drawers and doors.
  • The main disadvantage of using tape is traces of glue after it is removed. Therefore, we recommend that you always place something in the place where you are going to attach it. Packaging film will help you out in this case too. Just wrap it around the furniture several times and secure it with tape on top.
  • The drawers from the table (chest of drawers) should be removed or at least secured. Otherwise, they will move out during transportation. Also be sure to secure the doors on all pieces of furniture.
  • When movers tie the packages with tape, immediately make a handle out of it. This will be very useful when carrying, because instead of one box you can take two at once. It is recommended to make similar handles for disassembled and small furniture (for example, bedside tables).
  • Movers in Dubai be sure to remove all mirrors and glass from the furniture and then pack them separately.
  • It is most convenient to bind books in small piles. We just pack them in bags to protect them from dirt and damage when moving to a new apartment. Another option is to place the stacks in a trash bag and then seal them with tape.
  • Prepare the smallest size boxes for utensils. If you don’t find any suitable ones, combine dishes with fabrics and rags (towels, clothes). Movers first wrap it in paper (layer the plates) and then in film. Then the dishes will not move and touch.

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Moving to a new apartment is always associated with the expectation of a better life. If you believe in folk rituals and omens, then try to follow Residential Movers in Dubai exactly. This will definitely bring you and your family success and prosperity.

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