Efedrina – A Fat Loss Magic Bullet Or Just A Boast

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Notwithstanding how rigorously you work out; how particular you are about diet. Or, how smartly you supplement. Losing weight is a headache. The leaner you get, the more you need to cope with hunger and cravings, the harder you need to workout. And the less you need to eat to see desired results. So, many people turn to ephedrine or ephedra for help, which is hand-picked by bodybuilders everywhere.

If you’re a regular visitor in the gym, you’ve certainly heard that it’s as close to a weight loss “magic bullet” as you can ask for. Efedrina apparently kills your appetite while also noticeably bolstering your metabolic rate and fat burning. In other wors, you’ll not only lose fat faster but will also have an easier time sticking to your food and drink routine.

Is ephedra really a magic bullet? This blog post tries to answer this question.

Ephedrine Reduces Fat Stores in Body

Ephedra is a stimulant that bolsters metabolic rate and likewise fat loss. In simple words, it raises the energy expenditure of your body, that mostly comes from body fat. It is derived from a Chinese shrub named Ephedra sinica, so is also called “ephedra.” It eases breathing by relaxing the muscles around the airways. So traditional Chinese medicine has long used this plant to treat common cold, coughing, and the flu.

Efedrina also facilitates the reduction of fat stores that by their vary nature are more resistant to mobilization, than others (“stubborn fat“), by stimulating the activity in a cellular receptor called a beta-receptor; that instigates the release of energy stored in the fat cell.

As far as body composition goes, people use this drug for two main reasons:

  • It bolsters metabolic rate and fat burning.
  • It reduces appetite.

Ephedrine Has Muscle-Sparing Properties

There’s definite evidence that it can increase strength, endurance, and power. And that it assists in sparing muscle mass while dieting. Pay heed to that the latter effect isn’t fully established. Ephedrine is thought to have muscle-sparing properties. Or this phenomenon may just be a derivative of its potential performance-enhancing properties, (by maintaining a high training intensity while dieting, you will less likely lose muscle).
Regardless, there’s evidence that people who take Efedrina while dieting often retain more muscle than those that don’t. Now, in contrast to many fat burner supplements the science is evident with ephedra – it indeed help you lose fat faster.

The Bottom Line

Research shows that Ephedrine clearly increases fat burning. Moreover, it works synergistically with caffeine, to speed up weight loss. That is to say when you combine these drugs they aid in faster fat loss than, when taken separately. According to the latest research “ECA stack,” as it’s called in the bodybuilding community, may bolster your metabolic rate by nearly 5%, which renders an extra ⅓ of a pound of fat loss per week for the average man. It may not sound significant, of course; but it’s the equivalent energy expenditure of around 30 minutes of vigorous walking per day. Pretty good for a little pill.

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