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Effective Strategies for Magnetic rigid boxes that can be used to start a Business

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The bat cave of west-central New Mexico is known to be the place where the oldest of the popcorns were found. These findings took place around 1950 and are known to be thousands of years old. There are six types of corn, and all of them originate from the wild grass, and popcorn is one of these cereal grains. The scientific name given to these corns is the Zea mays everta. All other cereal grains which originate from the wild grasses do not pop. The harvesting process of the maize (popcorn) is done when the kernels are on their end-stage of being dry and mature with decorative flip top boxes with magnetic catch.

The maize is very high and rich in fiber and contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals. Popcorns are supposed to be healthy if prepared in the best of the ways. Other than being rich in fiber and vitamins, popcorns also boost the health of the heart. The consumption of this corn is the highest in the Cinema industry as people love to eat and watch. The idea of using the boxes safe handling came into being after the cinema and theatre industry grew wild and big. In the very early stages, the use of paper bags was preferred instead of using the magnetic rigid boxes.

These cases not only helped the people in handling their popcorn safely, but these increased the sales of this snack in and outside the theatre and cinema industries. The use of these packaging is still at large, and there is a number of list of things that should be pondered upon while thinking about starting a popcorn business or the magnetic rigid boxes business.

This section is all about the tips for your popcorn startup.


Better material gives a better feel.

It is always about the kind of feel that one gets when they hold the product. A material that is rough will never get your business the kind of praise that you thought of. Therefore, thinking and opting out a kind of material that serves the purpose of a good feel along with the safety factor.

Using a corrugated box can be best if safety is the only concern. To keep both safety and the feel of holding in high regard will let you achieve the best packaging material. In this case, the simple plain cardboard is the only option that confirms the protection of the corns along with the good feel while holding it. This material is smooth and plain; therefore, it will prove to be the finest option.


Not too big, not too small

One of the most pondered things in popcorn boxing is the size. The size should always be of moderate size. If it is too big, the box will be more difficult to hold, and if it is too small, the number of popcorns will be too less for a movie or binge-watching. Therefore, selecting an adequate size is the best option to start with.

Moreover, options of buckets for customers who share their pops are also a good and effective strategy.


Favorite prints

The customisable boxes can always come in the type of prints that you want for your business. In terms of the boxes of popcorns, the branding should be of lesser concern. The thing of concern is the kind of prints that your audience would want retail packaging. Satisfying the customers to the extent that they themselves look for the name of the brand is the best way to induce more sales while increasing the image of the brand at the same time.

Having options for posters of different popular movies or television shows can give your business an edge over the others. While others try to promote and brand their own logo on every side of the box, your business will be thinking and doing the best for the customers. Although branding is important and therefore, using small logos on either one of the four sides will market your product while making your customers happy.

Deal in bulk

Using the options of custom magnetic rigid boxes wholesale will not just help you to have a stock beforehand, but it will also help you to lower down the investment costs as dealing in bulk is always known to be better.

It is so because the cost of one product (box) reduces when ordering in large quantities. Moreover, you make yourself credible in the eyes of the wholesalers and other vendors who deal with the services of manufacturing and supplying these cases

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