Custom Display Packaging
Custom Display Packaging

Elevate Your Brand To The Next Level With Custom Display Packaging

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Thinking about a unique packaging idea to lift your brand’s reputation? Stop thinking, the idea is here. This article is going to share some amazing custom display packaging thoughts with you. In the end, you will come up with display packaging solutions for your brand. And you will be able to establish your brand recognition and image. So let’s get started now. A display packaging is specially designed to exhibit and present products. This display packaging is made of cardboard, paperboard, corrugated, plastic, wood, metal, and other types of materials. The purpose of using Custom Display Boxes is to showcase products in a box. Glimpse the eyes of customers to products and create selling opportunities.

Display Boxes
Display Boxes

Customization Of Custom Display Packaging

Every type of product has its own size and shape. Before displaying a product in a box, it is essential to print a customized display box. Also, ensure the customization of display boxes perfectly fits the product. Confirming the size of the display box is not enough. Choosing the right type of material is also important. If we talk about paper packaging, a variety of materials for display packaging is available. Cardboard, corrugated, and rigid are very popular paper materials. It depends upon the size of the product. manufacturer custom display boxes that can carry the weight of the product. Whether you manufacture corrugated display boxes or display cardboard boxes, ensure their proficiency. You also have an idea of printing cardboard display boxes with clear lids. Printing flat pack display boxes and white display boxes are also great ideas. But, don’t forget to create an extra space in the display box to give room to the product.

Possible Options For Custom Printed Display Boxes 

Printing comes after finalizing the sizes and shapes of display boxes. Let’s see what are recommended printing opportunities are to manufacture printed display boxes.

Offset printing: This is a formal printing procedure that is ideal for high-quality prints. Metal plates are used in this type of printing to transfer ink to paper. And that results in sharp and dynamic images.

Digital printing: Digital printing is a newer printing technique and it is suitable for short turnaround times. The inkjet technology used in digital printing eliminates the need for plates.

Flexography: Flexography is another printing approach and it is useful for flexible packaging materials, such as plastic. Rotary plates are used in this type of printing. It transfers ink to the substrate which results in efficient printing.

Choose an appropriate printing option to manufacture custom product display boxes. Take advantage of using fast, new, and the latest printing techniques to manufacture custom display packaging boxes. Make display boxes for products convenient with the best possible printing choice.

Adding Extra Features on Custom Product Display Boxes

Adding decorative features to the display packaging can enhance the value of your product. A number of finishing features are available to give a decorative look to your display box. Adding lamination: gloss, matte, sandy matte, soft touch, and linen are great. Besides this, gloss AQ, satin, varnish, spot UV, and flood UV are decent options for coating. Apart from this, foil stamping, embossing, debossing, and die cutting are also excellent choices. Print a logo on the display box to make customers familiar with your brand. All these features can make your display box more enticing and appealing.

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Choosing Eco Friendly Custom Display Boxes

Manufacturing display boxes with ecological paper material are the right decision for a brand. Because customers prefer environmentally green packaging before buying products. So stand out your brand with biodegradable display packaging boxes. This can develop a great reputation for your brand. Your decorative and sustainable display boxes can beat your rivals. Ultimately, your brand gains more popularity and a strong image in the hearts of customers. And most importantly, an improvement in sales and revenues.

Printed Display Boxes


Finally, raise your brand’s worth with the most effective custom display packaging. There is a wide range of custom display boxes to showcase your products. You have the liberty to print custom counter display boxes or retail display packaging boxes. Custom Designs Boxes has the art of Manufacturing custom display boxes wholesale. Get custom product display boxes to meet all your display packaging needs. Establish your brand’s excellence in the minds of customers. Influence customers with display packaging boxes to notice your products. And buy the product at the very first appearance.

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