Embracing Failures to Innovate – Perspective of Nikhil Arun

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The lack of persistence and determination is the common underlying factor for the failure of a business. People who are not following the path of perseverance until their accomplishment of success tend to jump from one objective to another, encountering a cluster of challenges.

The end goal is to taste the joy of success – ideally quickly – but many successful entrepreneurs encounter failures. As discouraging as the setbacks are, simultaneously, one also tends to learn the lessons to create the connecting bridge.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that count.”

-Winston Churchill


The entrepreneurial journey initiates with the phase of a solid concept, progressing to the design and performance stage. The journey has endless failures and disappointments; however, entrepreneurs must hold the skills to convey their ideas creatively Nikhil Arun, an Indian American entrepreneur, presented his idea of an advertising technology startup known as In-Video Impressions.


Realizing the digital evolution conquering the world, Arun, with his knowledge in the field of software and program management, introduced the service of monitoring the viewership on content. He closed deals with many content creators, artists, and companies to determine the viewership of their content.

The company had a diverse clientele base, including Lululemon and Duke Basketball, one of the leading athletic and wellness brands in the US market. The advanced technology integrated by Arun aided the clients in obtaining a viewership of 55 million people accessing the content. Nonetheless, operating for a few years in the market, Arun sold the company in 2019 to Vitagene.

Nonetheless, every entrepreneur experience failure – hitting rock bottom in life. Failures, regardless of their magnitude, give access to valuable benefits as well as developing an entrepreneurial mindset to bounce off challenging circumstances. It is easy to perceive failure as a weakness, but it is healthier to acknowledge failure as a part of entrepreneurship.

As John Foy explains the difference between a good entrepreneur and a mediocre one. He believes one can either embrace failure and learn the consequences of it or get discouraged and do nothing about it. He states,

“There are two responses to failure.”


Thus, embracing the reality of failure, Arun accepted the new challenges and, in 2019, joined 1Health as Head of Growth. He learned from his failures and improved his skills to add value to the community.

As the pandemic unfolded, Arun introduced the digital tool, complying with the guidelines and regulations, to monitor the outbreak, which was also utilized by large US-based companies, counties, schools, and US Air Force. The tool proved to be successful for companies, particularly those operating in labor-intensive industries like transportation and the food and beverage industry.

Further, noticing the insufficient supply of COVID-19 vaccines, Arun innovated effective vaccine management services through the digital tool in order to achieve fairness so no individual is excluded from getting access to it. The combination of the health sector and technology, undoubtedly, developed the efficient administration of vaccines, particularly for underserved communities.

The innovation of the digital tool was widely appraised by the officials, including the County Executive of New Castle County, Matt Meyer saying it was an ‘excellent’ solution for promoting sustainability. The tool improved the operations of the healthcare sector as well as unburdening the government with unnecessary additional responsibilities while simultaneously efficiently monitoring and evaluating the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.

Additionally, Arun has launched cancer and adverse drug prevention tests through innovative solutions in order to identify the individuals prone to the risk of developing the subsequent disease and tailor the treatment plans accordingly.

Nonetheless, failure is the door to new beginnings and eventual development to innovation. Sometimes it is important to allow room for failure in order to achieve success. Thus, learning from the journey of Arun, he fearlessly embraced the failures to succeed in various versions of innovation.


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