Evergreen Kitchen Decor Ideas: 9 Brass Cooking Utensils You Must Add to Your Kitchen for an Antique Look

Evergreen Kitchen Decor Ideas: 9 Brass Cooking Utensils You Must Add to Your Kitchen for an Antique Look

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Kitchens always have a huge role in making your home décor look more elegant and classier. Of course, there are more ways than we can probably count to make your kitchen look impeccable.

But did you know that adding brass cooking to your kitchen is among the most functional means to décor your kitchen?

Yes. That’s right. And in this blog, we discuss how you can use brass utensils for kitchen décor and the right ones to choose for decor.

9 Must Have Brass Utensils in Your Kitchen for Décor

Finding the right brassware to make your kitchen more elegant is a game of luck. But we disagree. You can find many unique and beautiful-looking brass utensils with a bit of digging online.

That’s why Indian Art Villa has brought the following list to help you.

Brass Tumblers and Glasses

With an embossed Mughlai goblet design, this is one of the best brassware items you can keep in your kitchen. Thanks to its unique design and aesthetic appeal, it can also be used as a decorative item.

Our expert, indigenous artisans make these glasses from high-quality brass. The tumbler is an exceptional addition to your kitchen.

It is also highly durable and elegant and has a singular charm that will surely elevate your kitchen décor.

Brass Embossed Designer Handi

Whether you want to use it as dinnerware, serveware, or tableware, the brass embossed designer handi is among the best options to make your kitchen look impressive while also making it functional.

You can either keep the same in your kitchen. Or you can give it to your loved ones or relatives as a gift.

It is quickly becoming an integral part of modern kitchens in India due to its longevity, aesthetic appeal, health benefits, etc.

Brass Kadai

Cook in style with a slightly hammered kadhai with a unique design. Usually, Kadhais come with no design. However, getting one that has a design can make it even more impressive to look at.

The tin lining on the kadhai from Indian Art Villa makes it last for years to come without losing its luster.

Kadhais are both functional and aesthetic to make your kitchen look loyal.

Brass Thali Set

Everyone loves a wholesome, beautiful thali set, right? Add the elegance of brass to the mix, and you have an exceptional kitchen item that can make your kitchen more elegant and beautiful.

You can keep them as decorative items in the kitchen or set them on the dining table to make your table look extravagant during special celebrations and festivals.

Make it a habit to eat from brass thalis to improve your health, as well.

Kettle Mug

Kettle mugs are as beautiful and elegant as they are functional. With incredible embossed designs, the mug will be an item of admiration from your guests and relatives alike.

You can grab a couple to make your dining table look regal and extravagant. Or you can get one to display on your shelf as a decorative piece.

Either way, people will keep complimenting you about them. And they will also ask where you got them.

Casserole Donga with Bottom

Casserole dongas are an essential utensil in any kitchen. It enables you to keep food safe. And what if you can make casserole donga beautiful to add a singular charm to your kitchen?

That’s precisely what brassware can do for you.

No matter if it is an antique or a new casserole, the beauty of the vessels is more than you can describe.

And without a doubt, it will make your kitchen look royal and impressive.

Flat Bottom Brass Bowl

No matter what you do, you need brass bowls to complete your kitchen look. Small, big, or even tiny brass bowls are the best. They serve a variety of functions, such as cookware or serveware.

They are also easy to keep as a display to impress your guests when they come to your home for family functions or festivals.

There is no doubt that the right number of brass bowls in your kitchen can make your kitchen look beautiful and elegant.

Brass Serveware

What’s your kitchen without enough serveware? Crippled, maybe. And this is why Indian households keep buying brass serveware to make their dining tables look as amazing as they are functional.

Serveware makes it easy to serve food at your convenience. As a host, you don’t embarrass yourself and will ensure a great dining experience for your guests.

And when they are kept without use, they add an unforgettable look and feel to your kitchen.

Brass Urlis

Urlis are great for your kitchen. Whether you want to use it as serveware or cookware, it has that versatility you may not find with many vessels.

And that’s also why they have been widely used in Indian households.

Advantages of Using Brass Utensils at Home

The advantages of using brass utensils at home are plenty. These benefits are also why they are widely used in kitchens.

Let’s look at them each here.

They last for years.

That’s right. They have extreme longevity. Some homes have brass pots and utensils that are hundreds of years old.

Families pass their utensils through generations as a family heirloom.

This is also why antique brass bowls and vessels are prevalent in Indian culture, and they have great value in the retail market.


Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc. As such, it is a natural product that does not have any harmful effects on the environment.

Hence, people who are particular about using environmentally-friendly utensils at home instead of plastic, stainless steel, fiber, etc., can use brass.

Antibacterial functions.

Brass is renowned for its antibacterial properties. This protects food and beverages kept in brass pots from bacterial growth.

Hence, many families use them mainly to serve food. Doing so prevents bacterial growth in food.

They are recyclable.

Brassware is suitable for recycling. If you check, only a small portion of the current brass cooking ware is made with copper and zinc collected from the earth.

They are often made from existing utensils given for recycling.

And they are also easy to recycle.

Health benefits of brassware.

Brass vessels are renowned for their impressive health benefits. Some of their health benefits are:

  • Drinking water stored in brass vessels is good for treating asthma.
  • Zinc in brass vessels helps increase the hemoglobin count in blood.
  • They can reduce the chances of bacterial infections.
  • Copper included in brass utensils has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cooking in brass vessels and eating from the same improves digestive health.

Tips to Keep Brassware Clean and Shiny for Years

The following tips help you ensure that your brass vessels stay clean, blemish-free, and shiny for years to come.

  1. Brass pots and cooking ware need to be used with care and gently. Overusing it can cause it to lose its sheen due to oils from your hands.
  2. Never forget to dust and wipe the decorative and antique brass bowls and pots to prevent pollutants in the air from harming them.
  3. Avoid using harsh cleaners, such as detergents, ammonia, etc., to clean the brass kitchen items.
  4. Dry all brass items immediately after washing them to avoid spotting and blotching.
  5. Use polyurethane coating to keep antique brass bowls from tarnishing after they are polished.


Adding antique brassware to your kitchen has several advantages. It is great for aesthetic value, they are long-lasting, and they also have diverse health benefits. Therefore, adding them to your kitchen is a no-brainer. But what is more important is choosing the right place to buy brass cooking ware from.

Indian Art Villa is among the most respected stores online to get high-quality brass pots and utensils. We have an extensive range of utensils you need.

From dinner sets to plates, bowls, brass urlis, and serveware, we have got all you are looking to embellish your kitchen with.

Explore the latest collection online at Indian Art Villa.

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