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Everything you need to know about the journey of pregnancy from conception to delivery

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Women will be consistently going through a magnificent and transformative journey in their lives throughout the pregnancy, which will be the concept of bringing a new life to the world. Multiple stages of pregnancy, ranging from conception to delivery, will be there and are very special for the mother as well as the upcoming baby. So, at this particular point in time, getting in touch with the experts at mothers care Hospital regularly is definitely important for people so that everybody will be able to get the best possible guidance from the best doctors and will be able to ensure that pregnancy will be risk-free at all times.

Following are some of the very basic details that you need to know about the journey of pregnancy:

Conception and fertilisation: This particular transformative journey will begin when the sperm of the father will be fertilising the egg of the mother. This will take place in the fallopian tube, and there will be a distinct set of genes which will determine the features of the body with the help of the fertilisation process depending on the genetics of the parents from both sides.

  • First trimester, which will be based upon weeks 1- 12: The fertilised egg, in this particular case, will quickly move through the fallopian tube and to the uterus after fertilisation and will transform into the embryo around week four. Approximately around week eight, the development of the organs will be very well carried out, and bodily systems will be able to forward it. The embryo, in this particular case, will be known as the fetus by the end of the first trimester. Mother, in this particular scenario, will be witnessing a good number of changes and ultimately will be noticing the symptoms during this particular time in the form of mourning sickness, exhaustion and excessive urination.
  • The second trimester, based on weeks 13-27:2nd, will be very well referred to as the honeymoon period in which the woman will be experiencing the element of relief from multiple changes because the growth of the body will be quickening and women will typically begin to experience the fetal movement. This particular mid-pregnancy period also requires an ultrasound to evaluate the growth of the baby and check out if there is any kind of potential problem. The expectant mother, in this particular case, will require special maternity support, which is the main reason that attending the childbirth education classes is definitely a good idea in this case.
  • Third trimester, which will be based on weeks 28-40: The baby, in this particular case, will be continuing to grow, and the body will be experiencing some profound changes because they will be getting close to the delivery date. As the baby begins to move and keep more frequently, the mother will be uncomfortable. The mother, in this particular case, will be quite exhausted and will be developing back pain and trouble falling asleep due to the expanding abdomen.

Labour and delivery: The mother, in this particular case, will be starting to prepare for the labour as the date will be coming closer because the service will be widening, and labour contractions will be increasing in terms of intensity and frequency. The pushing stage of the labour will begin when the cervix is 10 cm, and the mother will be using the entire body to force the infant through the delivery canal. The journey will come to an end when the baby is born following a period of great effort, and as the parents welcome the newborn to the world, the delivery experience will be full of sentiments and happiness.

Postpartum period: As the mother begins the postpartum period after giving birth, the body will be perfectly gradually transforming itself into the pre-pregnancy stage, where the hormonal changes can even lead to mood swings along with the shift of attention from the mother to the child. Ladies, in this particular case, have to focus on breastfeeding and regular medical checkups at women’s specialty center so that everybody will be able to provide the kids with the best possible support and care at all times.

Why is maternity care very important?

Regularly visiting the women’s speciality Centre is definitely important in this case so that everybody will be able to achieve a healthy outcome for the mother and unborn child, which will be heavy depending on the maternity care. Maternity care will include routine physical testing, screening and other associated things so that the health and development of the unborn child will be perfectly there, and further, the likelihood of unfavourable results will be significantly decreased in the whole process. Experts of the industry, in this particular case, will be providing people with the best level of assistance which will be required during labour and delivery, and specific care will be definitely made available so that high-risk pregnancy will be sorted out and further people can enjoy the guarantee of safe delivery at all times.

Hence, it is worth noting down that pregnancy is a very fascinating and life changing experience for both the parents which is the main reason that people need to pay attention to it because it will also be accompanied by noticeable physical and emotional changes it to the mother. To ultimately provide the people with a guarantee of healthy pregnancy and safe delivery it is important for people to focus on adequate maternity care with medical supervision at maternity Hospital in Pune so that everything will be very well sorted out. Such aspects very well justify that everybody will be able to enjoy a safe and secure pregnancy experience and further will be able to make the overall journey from the conception to the birth a memorable and joyful experience for the parents. Having an idea about the points mentioned above will be definitely helpful in redefining the overall journey and ultimately everybody can enjoy the best possible care for the expecting woman.

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