Exploring a Variety of Wall Tiles for Your Home

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Wall tiles have become very popular over the last few years because every detail counts when it comes to home decor. From the color of your walls to the type of flooring you choose, every element contributes to the overall ambiance of one’s living space. Wall tiles not only protect your walls but also add character and style to your home due to their unique finish, texture, shape, and color. They are widely used to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of various spaces, from kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms. 

Wall tiles are available in various types of materials such as Marble wall tiles, Limestone wall tiles and wall claddings,  they come with unique characteristics and advantages. You must choose the correct material for your walls, here are some of the varieties of wall tiles for your home: 

Wall cladding tiles

Wall claddings give a very rustic and natural vibe, they are available in a lot of materials like quartzite, limestone and sandstone. Wall cladding can be used to add texture, without any extra effort. They are durable and can be used both for interior and exterior walls meaning they can protect the structure of a building from the harsh weather and elements. The stone flooring provides wall claddings in a variety of colors, from black, gray, white and other. 

Limestone wall tiles:

Limestone wall tiles are the way to go if you want your space to look elegant, without the extra cost and effort. At The Stone Flooring you can find limestone wall tiles in a variety of finishes, from polished to honed to antique, we have got you covered. Limestone absorbs heat, meaning they are perfect for hot and sunny days and they bring healing properties to one’s health and being! 

Sandstone wall tiles:

Sandstone wall tiles are not only great for aesthetics, but they are waterproof as well! They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor styling. They are resistant to chipping and can withstand the hottest and the coldest temperatures. They are ideal for creating a classic, upscale and timeless look. At The Stone Flooring, these tiles are finished by hand, meaning you get quality products.

Marble wall tiles:  

Whether used in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, or other areas, marble wall tiles bring a touch of sophistication to your surroundings. Over these past few years, marble wall tiles have become a trend and it’s not going anytime soon! Marble wall tiles are available in a wide spectrum of colors, from classic whites to warmer tones like beige and cream. 

Maintenance of wall cladding: 

Wall cladding needs little to no maintenance, although they require some maintenance over time. A soft brush or broom can easily remove the visible dirt from the wall claddings. If a deeper cleaning is required then a jet wash can be used but be careful not to damage the back wall. 

Different layering patterns for wall claddings:

  1. Horizontal pattern

This type of layering pattern is considered to be a safe choice as it gives a more traditional appearance to the space. Layering your wall cladding horizontally will make the area appear wider, so if you want your room to give that illusion, then go for it! Powder washrooms are a great place to use horizontal layering patterns. 

  1. Vertical pattern-

Vertically installing wall cladding not only gives a unique and contemporary appearance but also gives an illusion of a higher ceiling. Spaces with low height are great places to utilize vertical wall claddings. Vertical cladding is commonly used in designer projects as it gives a great aesthetic, so why not implement it in your space as well?

  1. Herringbone Pattern-

In a herringbone pattern, rectangular cladding is laid at a certain angle to create a visually striking, zigzag design that adds interest to the wall. This pattern has become very trendy recently and all for the right reasons! It’s said that your space reflects you and your character, so if you want your artistic side to be showcased then don’t be afraid to use a herringbone pattern! 

  1. Mixing horizontal and vertical patterns- 

If you want your space to stand out, then mixing these patterns is the best idea! Mixing horizontal and vertical layering styles can make a unique statement in your home. It’s not a common practice to mix two design styles, but it’s always the best to go out of the box!

The Stone Flooring offers a huge variety of wall claddings and wall tiles, with great competitive prices and top-notch quality! Head over to our website for the best deals for the renovation of your dreams!

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