Finding the Best Fence Supplies in Houston

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Installing a new fence is a major project that requires careful planning and selection of the right fencing materials. With Houston’s climate featuring heat, humidity and the occasional hurricane, choosing durable and weather-resistant fence supplies in Houston is key. This guide covers where to find quality fencing materials and reputable suppliers across the Houston area.

Top Fence Materials for Houston

Houston’s climate is going to expose outdoor fencing to a lot of wear and tear. Consider these tried and true fencing materials that stand up well in the region:


  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Withstands wind, rain and humidity
  • No painting required
  • More expensive but very low maintenance


  • Handles moisture well without warping
  • No need for paint or stain
  • Lots of color options available
  • Can become brittle and fade over time

Cedar Wood

  • Naturally resistant to decay and insects
  • Handles weather extremes relatively well
  • Has attractive wood grain appearance
  • Lower durability ratings than pressure treated

Pressure Treated Wood

  • Inexpensive and readily available
  • Treatment protects against moisture, pests and rot
  • Requires resealing every few years
  • Can still be damaged over time in wet conditions

Wrought Iron

  • Very durable and naturally rust resistant
  • Withstands high traffic and fluctuating weather
  • Timeless, decorative appeal
  • Higher upfront cost but lasts for decades

Make sure to select fence materials well-suited to Houston’s climate conditions and your functional needs.

Where to Buy Fencing Supplies in Houston

The Houston area has many excellent options when it comes to retailers for fencing materials, tools and accessories:

Home Improvement Mega Stores

Large home improvement stores like Bayou City Lumber and Home Depot carry a wide selection of standard fencing supplies. Look for quality cedar, redwood and pressure treated pine boards plus wrought iron, chain link and vinyl fencing. Take advantage of order delivery and installation services.

Local Nurseries and Garden Centers

Shop specialty nurseries like Buchanan’s, Joshua’s Native Plants and Plants for All Seasons to find more unique or reclaimed fencing materials along with pots, trellises and garden art. Check out their landscape design services as well.

Local Fence Companies

Houston fence contractors like Bayou City Lumber often operate their own supply stores. This allows you to shop wholesale prices on the same high quality materials their crews install professionally.

Online Fencing Retailers

Websites like Bayou City Lumber provide online ordering with local pickup at their Houston area locations. Look for bundle packages that include all materials needed for typical fence sizes.

Lumber Yards

Builder’s surplus and lumber yards Houston offer contractor-grade bulk pricing on pressure treated boards, posts, galvanized hardware and tools from brands like Grip-Rite and Simpson Strong-Tie.

Shopping with reputable local Houston retailers ensures your fence supplies are designed to perform in the area’s conditions.

Key Tips for Purchasing Fence Materials

Follow these tips when buying fence supplies to get quality materials for the best value:

  • Check that wood boards are straight, with few or small knots, no warping and appropriate moisture content.
  • Select posts and supports rated for ground contact use and your desired fence height.
  • Use galvanized or powder coated metal components to reduce corrosion.
  • Buy hardware and accessories designed specifically for fencing projects.
  • Calculate materials needed based on fence height, length, and wood width. Plan for 10% extra.
  • Utilize bundling packages for complete project materials at a discounted rate.
  • Time purchases to take advantage of seasonal sales on fencing materials at local retailers.
  • For specialty stains and sealants, stick with reputable exterior brands.

Taking time to carefully source and purchase quality fencing supplies in Houston is a worthwhile investment that pays off with a durable, resilient fence built to last.

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