Floor Tile: Creating Striking Visuals with Tile Patterns

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There are endless ways to lay floor tiles, creating a unique design or pattern each time. You can find floor tiles in a wide range of colours, designs, finishes, and patterns. With all these varieties, you get the freedom to combine different tiles to create your unique flooring design with your creativity. To check out stunning floor tile options, just search for “tile shop near me” and visit the nearest tile shop. 

The Power of Tile Patterns

Patterned floor tiles have been used for flooring since ancient times. They provide a touch of class, style, and sophistication. By incorporating interesting tile patterns, you can take your interior decor to the next notch while enhancing the unique aesthetic appeal and feel of the space. You can use different types of patterned floor tiles to create a brand-new style for flooring and boost the uniqueness. For that, you should check out the endless tile options available in the tile shop in your city. 

Types of Tile Patterns

Now, let’s take a look at some floor tile patterns. 

Classic Grid Layout

The grid-style pattern never goes outdated. The classic grid layout is a basic pattern where square or rectangular floor tiles are laid in a straight line to provide a simple and clean look. To give a more classic touch, you can use floor tiles with classic designs. You can find several such options in your nearby tile showroom. 

Herringbone and Chevron Patterns

Tiles with herringbone patterns provide an elegant and intricate look, and they work well in both traditional and contemporary setups. Alongside herringbone patterns, tiles with chevron patterns also create a seamless zigzag design that offers an additional touch to the entire setup. Both these patterns help to elevate the aesthetic beauty of any space. That’s why they are perfect for the bathrooms, bedrooms, and even backsplashes. 

Versailles and French Patterns

The Versailles pattern, also known as the French pattern, is made of interlocking square and rectangular floor tiles. This pattern looks quite similar to the patterns used in ancient places in Europe. That’s why this pattern offers elegance and grandeur. So, if you are looking for such classy elegance within your space, you can use tiles with a Versailles pattern. 

Basket Weave and Windmill Patterns

The basket weave pattern is a timeless design for floors. It consists of uniform squares that are laid together to resemble the over-under stitch motion of a woven basket and can be used in both traditional and modern setup flooring. Also, it looks spectacular when you combine it with natural stone-like tiles, making a small space look more spacious. 

Moroccan and Encaustic Patterns

Inspired by Moroccan culture, tiles with Moroccan patterns have a mix of decorative patterns, colourful geometric designs, and blooming motifs. From ethnic floral patterns to Saint Germaine patterns, you can find a wide variety of designs on floor tiles. Also, tiles with encaustic tiles have striking patterns made up of different colours. So, explore more at your nearest tile shop. 

Choosing the Right Pattern for Your Space

  • Explore Different Patterns: Floor tiles are available in a broad spectrum of patterns. You have to choose the pattern depending on the purpose and where you are going to lay the patterned tiles. 
  • Ideal Size: You will also have to choose the right size of the tiles so that your investment does not go wrong. Go for large tiles for larger spaces like bedrooms or living rooms and small tiles for small spaces like kitchens. 
  • Ideal Finish: You can consider additional properties like waterproof or anti-skid as per your need. Besides that, you can choose whether you want to have glossy, matte, or semi-matte finishes for your flooring. 
  • Design: To create unique designs, you can consider mixing and matching different patterned floor tiles. 

Colour Palette Considerations

Usually, modern homeowners stick to single-patterned floor tile throughout their floors. However, you can consider laying tiles complementing the colour of your walls and your interior decor. For a lively and vibrant setup, your tile pattern should be opposite to your wall colours. Otherwise, you can use similar coloured patterns for a peaceful and tranquil setup. For example, grey and white patterned tiles for the bathroom. You can find every such vibrant and calming tile pattern in a tile showroom in your city. 

Mixing Patterns

Mixing and matching floor tiles is another exciting way to lay your tiles to beautify your space. You can balance busy pattern tiles with simple tiles to create an interesting floor look. Also, you can pair patterned tiles with plain neutral colour tiles to make a unique, calming setup. Besides that, you can get more guidance from a dealer when you visit a tile shop in person. 


There are several ways you can create striking floor patterns using floor tiles. You can always mix and match different tile patterns and create your unique floor design. To know more and explore floor tiles, just Google “tile shop near me” and find the nearest Orientbell Tiles Boutique in Sikandrabad, Uttar Pradesh.

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