From Delhi to Dhauladhar: A McLeodganj and Triund Expedition

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It was finally time for the big trip I had been planning for months –trip to mcleodganj and triund from delhi  up to Dhauladhar mountain range in Himachal Pradesh. As an avid trekker and nature lover, I was eager to explore this beautiful region of Northern India known for its stunning mountain vistas, tranquil forests, Buddhist culture, utmost peace and serenity along with pretty skies, with amazing flora and fauna on its way!

McLeodganj: A Spiritual and Scenic Haven in the Himalayas

My first stop after taking an overnight bus from Delhi was McLeodganj, a small hill town nestled in the upper reaches of the Kangra Valley. Home to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government-in-exile since 1959, McLeodganj has become a major tourist destination, attracting visitors with its winding alleys lined with colorful prayer flags, monks in crimson robes and sweeping views of the Dhauladhar peaks.

After checking into my hotel, I headed straight for the Tsuglagkhang Complex, home to the Dalai Lama’s residence and various temples and monasteries. It was a profoundly spiritual place, with devotees and monks engaged in prayer amid plumes of incense. The meditation hall with its enormous gilded Buddha statue was especially captivating. Outside on the courtyard, a small stall drew me in with its display of butter tea, Tibetan bread and other local snacks which I sampled.

Refreshed from my short break, I set off on foot to explore more of the town’s Buddhist heritage. I visited the quaint Namgyal Monastery known for its daily chanting rituals and the Kalachakra Temple with its ornate wall murals. But it was observing the monks going about their day – debating scriptures, praying, helping locals – that was most memorable. Their sincere commitment to their faith and community was inspirational.

The next morning

I embarked on the adventure I had really come for – the Triund trek. Just 9 km uphill from McLeodganj, Triund offers phenomenal views of the Dhauladhar range, with the dramatic Indrahar Pass and Hanuman ka Tibba as its centerpieces. The trek began gently as I left town via the Galu Devi temple and started climbing up a forest trail. It gradually got steeper, criss-crossing a small stream and passing a stunning waterfall where I stopped for the view. The last section was a tiring ascent of never-ending switchbacks before Triund top finally came into sight.


Camping under a starry night sky at the Triund plateau with the glittering Dhauladhar peaks in sight was magic. At sunrise, I woke up to an unbelievably beautiful panorama of snow-capped mountains all around. After a quick breakfast, I embarked on the route to Laka Got which promised even more incredible views. The trail undulated through meadows and rocky scree, eventually opening up to the vast expanse of the Dhauladhar range. Spotting ibex, mountain goats and pheasants along the way added to the adventure.

By late afternoon

I had to start heading back to McLeodganj. The trek down was tough on my knees but I took it slow. I stopped for masala chai and snacks at a small shack half-way down which energized me for the final stretch. Back in town, I treated myself to a hot shower and delicious thukpa at a local Tibetan restaurant. Sleep came easy after thelong but immensely rewarding day of hiking.


After a day spent resting and exploring McLeodganj’s busy market area, it was time to head back to Delhi. As my bus left the mountain town, I took in a final view of the magnificent Dhauladhar range that had conquered. I already knew I would be back someday to explore more of its hidden gems. The relaxing bus journey gave me time to reflect on my amazing trip – the fascinating cultural experiences, the soul-stirring trek, and the warmth of the local people.

This trip from Delhi to Dhauladhar had lived up fully to my expectations. The raw natural beauty of the mountains combined with the deeply spiritual Tibetan culture had made it truly special. It was the perfect Himalayan adventure, though I know there is so much more still left to explore in this vast region. Many more trips will surely follow to discover the magic of Himachal! I can’t wait to return and bask once again in the serenity of the mountains, sample more delicious local cuisine, and meet the friendly villagers. This is a place that will always have my heart. I’ve already started planning my next visit, intent on venturing deeper into the Dhauladhar range for even more incredible vistas and cultural discoveries. The call of the Himalayas is simply irresistible!

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