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Glass Enclosure for Terraces: Everything You Need To Know

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Enjoying the outdoors, even in winter, is a trend that is increasingly increasing. Something that is perceived when buying a home. Even in the cold months, yes, properly acclimatized with glass curtains for terraces.

We choose these more open-plan environments because they improve our recreation, comfort, relaxation, and well-being. It is true that on certain dates it becomes impossible to enjoy the outdoors.

Characteristics of glass curtains for terraces:

According to Whitby renovations experts, glass curtains are a great option to place as a closing system on porches, balconies, attics, or terraces.

To separate rooms or to cover swimming pools and also, without including the traditional profiles made of aluminum. It is a transparent, vertical, and very light glazing method.

Which is practically not appreciated. So they do not alter the aesthetics of the home. And it allows you to enjoy the views through your balcony or porch.



Among its main characteristics, it stands out that the material used to create these glass curtains is tempered glass. This system allows great safety in the event of any accident since it involves a heat treatment.

This means that if the glass of your home breaks, it breaks into small pieces that descend downward without being thrown away. Thus avoiding possible injuries to members of the house.

In addition, this treatment also increases the resistance of this type of glass to any impact by up to four.


Reinforcement system

Unlike what happens with some types of windows, in this case, the glass is screwed. Therefore, its security reinforcement increases.

Much more than those that are glued with silicone, which offers worse resistance. Furthermore, as they are screwed they offer many more facilities when it comes to renewing or replacing them if necessary.



Security is very important when talking about our home, and in addition to what we have already seen, the manufacturers of glass curtains have also thought about protection against third parties with an anti-theft system.

This means that they can be locked and unlocked through a highly effective system of locking devices.



One of its main characteristics is that these curtains allow you to enjoy your porch in the middle of a cold and rainy day.

This is because they have double glazing. Which is completely impermeable to rain, thanks to its two levels of waterproofing and watertight.


Advantages of glass terrace enclosure:

Open and closed space

One of the main advantages of this type of curtain is that it allows you to convert your terrace into an open or closed space in a minute.

And also, with a very efficient thermal and acoustic insulation system. On the other hand, you will avoid any visual impact, maintaining views of the surroundings that are practically intact.


Saving money

These curtains are a great way to save at home since installing them means considerably reducing the cost of air conditioning in your home.

And they have an insulating property that is much more effective and complete than the usual profiles.


It will expand your home

It is clear, that installing a glazing system of this type means taking advantage of more space. Making the square meters of your home increase and also its market value.


Easier cleaning

A very important element when installing a glass system is to take into account the effort that cleaning will entail. In this case, this will be much simpler and without any risk to your security.

Since it offers a system that allows both sides to be cleaned from the inside, avoiding possible falls.


Why you should use glass curtains for terraces?

Much more versatile system. The system will also adapt much better to your tastes and needs. Since it has a folding enclosure, through which the glass sheets slide and collect in a very simple way on one of the sides.

They don’t take up space. These sliding doors move towards one end and fold in an accordion shape. This means that when sheets are stacked with others, their space is reduced to a minimum.

Adaptable to different shapes. This system is also becoming very popular in real estate and homes that are looking to glaze their gardens or porches with a rounded shape. Another of its advantages is that it can save any space, regardless of its angle.

In short, this type of glass curtains will allow you to enjoy the best views at any time of the year thanks to their shape and materials. Easy to clean, very versatile, guarantees great safety, and perfect temperature.


Is it necessary to contact a professional for this renovation?

Yes, it is usually recommended that the installation of glass enclosures be carried out by a specialized company because the enclosure must be watertight.

In addition, both the base and the upper areas must be correctly installed, which is why it is the company carrying out the renovation must specialize in this type of outdoor work.

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