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Windshield Repair

Glass Pitting: When and Why Windshield Replacement in Tulsa is Necessary

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A clear and damage-free windshield is essential for safe driving. However, Tulsa’s roads, like any other, pose a variety of risks to the integrity of your windshield. Glass pitting is one such threat. Glass pitting can seriously compromise the safety of your vehicle’s windshield visibility. In this post, we’ll explain what glass pitting is, why it matters, and when it’s time to have windshield replacement in Tulsa.

What is Glass Pitting?

Glass pitting is a common type of damage that frequently happens on the surface of your windshield. Road debris or other small objects that impact windshields at high velocity and leave small pits and chips create glass pitting. Stones and gravel can also be stirred up by other vehicles. Environmental factors that are detrimental to auto glass, such as sandstorms, hail, and even the searing sun, can all contribute to glass pitting over time.

Impact of Glass Pitting on Windshield:

Now that we know what glass pitting is, it’s essential to understand why it matters:

It affects the visibility of glass: 

The most obvious effect of glass pitting is the reduction in visibility. These microscopic pits scatter light, causing glare and reducing your ability to see well, particularly when driving in the sun or at night.

Questions glass integrity: 

The various chips and pits on the windshield can quickly compromise the strength of the auto glass. This raises the likelihood of a cracked windshield, which can pose a safety issue on the road. 

Concerns about road safety: 

Road safety is directly related to reduced visibility. You may overlook essential road features such as traffic signs, pedestrians, or unexpected barriers, increasing the danger of an accident.

Legal Implications: 

In Tulsa, as in many other areas, driving with a damaged windshield can get you in hot water. Officers of the law can issue tickets for driving with a windshield that obstructs your eyesight.

When is Repair not Enough?

While windshield repair is less expensive than replacement, most individuals believe that a short fix will readily solve the problem. While windshield repair can efficiently fix small chips and cracks, it has drawbacks when it comes to glass pitting. All of the pits and chips that are too common and shallow for repairs to sufficiently restore the windshield’s stability.

Signs That Your Windshield Needs to Be Replaced

As previously stated, mending is not the ultimate solution for glass flaws, so you may be considering replacement. When should you consider windshield replacement in Tulsa due to glass pitting? 

Here are some warning indicators to look out for:

  1. The size or depth of the pits: If the pits on your windshield are many, deep, or cover a significant section of the glass, replacement may be required.
  2. How many pits or cracks are there: A large number of pits, chips, or cracks can jeopardize the structural integrity of your windshield. Your first priority should be safety.
  3. Which areas of your windshield are the most damaged: Pits in your line of sight, such as those in the driver’s line of sight, can pose serious safety issues and must be replaced.

5 Steps of the Windshield Replacement Process:

When you’ve determined that windshield replacement in Tulsa is the best way to go, here’s what you can anticipate throughout the installation process:

  1. Examine the damage: Inspect the windshield to see whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.
  2. Remove the old windshield: Remove the moldings, trim, and any glue from surrounding the windshield with care. Cut through the glue using specialist equipment, and remove the old windshield. Clean the windshield frame thoroughly to eliminate any remaining adhesive or debris. Make sure the frame is clean and clear of debris.
  3. Install the replacement windshield: Place the new windshield carefully on the frame, aligning it with any markings or guidance.
  4. Secure and finish: Apply glue to the frame and uniformly apply pressure to fix the windscreen. Replace any missing moldings or trim. Clean the windshield and check for any flaws or problems.

Benefits of Prompt Windshield Replacement

  • Restored Clarity and Safety: A new windshield offers clean, unimpeded view, which improves your driving safety.
  • Damage Prevention: Replacing a damaged windshield keeps the pits from worsening due to exposure to the environment and continued driving.
  • Compliance with Tulsa’s Road Safety Laws: Keeping your windshield in good condition protects you from potential legal complications.


Because of the variety of weather conditions and traffic hazards in Tulsa, glass pitting is a prevalent problem. It is critical to handle it as soon as possible in order to maintain your safety and avoid legal complications. If you discover evidence of extensive glass pitting on your windshield, don’t put off getting a windshield replacement in Tulsa from a trustworthy auto glass shop.

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