How can I rebook my missed flight with Qatar Airways?

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If you made your travel reservation through the phone number can be used for purchasing Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance and somehow missed the trip, the airlines will help the passenger as much as they can. Every passenger has a separate set of rules for rebooking a missed trip, though.

Here is all the information you require regarding Qatar Airways’ missing flight policy.

Terms and conditions

The following circumstances determine whether a passenger can rebook a flight with the airline:

  1. Rebooking is possible if a traveller missed a flight but alerted the airline before that particular flight’s departure. However, depending on a number of conditions, the customer may or may not be charged for the rebooking.
  2. Rebooking is only possible after paying a penalty fee if a traveller missed the flight and failed to notify the airline.
  3. Passengers are granted a free rebooking option if the reason for their missing flight was due to technical issues, adverse weather, or other errors that are Qatar Airways’ fault.
  4. Three options are open to passengers who miss their flight:
    a- Rebooking while paying any applicable penalties
    b- Demanding a refund and cancelling the flight.
    c- Maintaining the ticket open for a maximum of a year.

Passengers can choose the very next flight that is available with ease thanks to Qatar Airways’ extensive global network of flights. Hence providing customers who missed their planes with a flexible travel schedule.

Rebooking fee

Airlines may impose a penalty fee for rebooking missed Cheap Qatar Airways Flights based on:

  • Your path of travel.
  • Destination upon arrival.
  • Sort of ticket.
  • Fare difference (for the flight that was rebooked)
  • Peak or off-peak travel season.

The projected charge will also be computed, taking into account the aforementioned factors.

How do I rebook a missed flight?


To online rebook a missed flight;

  1. Visit the Qatar Airways website at
  2. Find the ‘Manage my booking’ icon on the homepage.
  3. Select “Rebooking” from the menu.
  4. Enter your legitimate credentials on the newly opened page or conversation box.
    a- First and last names of the traveller
    b- Booking identification number.
    c- Contact details.
  5. You can get the specifics of your missed flight by entering the aforementioned information.
  6. Rebook your flight as desired by indicating the updated travel dates and, if applicable, a different route.
  7. Enter your personal data once more.
  8. The airline will send you a message confirming the reservation at the registered phone number or email address you have provided.
  9. If your rebooked flight has a fare difference or a penalty cost (rebooking fee) that must be paid, do so first to secure your reservations.


Additionally, you can rebook your flight using traditional methods.

  1. Calling a representative of the company.
  2. Visiting Qatar Airways’ physical facilitation centres or booths.
  3. Through a third party, such as a travel agent (only for those who have previously booked their missing flights through travel agents).

That is the procedure for changing your flight with Qatar Airways.

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