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How to Find the Most Suitable School for Your Child in Noida

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In the last two decades, Noida has slowly emerged as a major educational hub in India. While the satellite city serves as the base for several reputed colleges and universities, the city also has a plethora of schools that are highly prestigious and known for imparting quality education to students.

What a child grows up to be depends greatly on the school they went to and the quality of education they received. Choosing the right school for a child, therefore, is highly important. If your child is already in a school but does not seem to be happy with the environment or something else, you should get them admitted to some other school that would propel their growth forward.

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind while finding the most suitable school for your child in Noida:

  • Reputation

The reputation of a school is one of the most important things parents need to check. It is often said that one should send their children to a school which has been around for decades. The reason behind people saying this is the fact that when a school has existed for 50 or 60 years, you can be sure about it having a good reputation and adhering to certain principles or values.

Contrary to what some people believe, choosing a newly established school for your child’s education wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. However, even if you are planning to enroll your child in a school that is just a few years old, you have to ensure that it has a very good reputation and is known for providing high-quality education to its pupils.

  • Friends

Childhood friendships, at times, last for decades. If your child has made some strong friendships in the neighbourhood, they would want to go to the same school as their friends. Most of the time, parents overlook this aspect while looking for a suitable school for their child. While selecting a school for your child, you must think about the psychological well-being of your child.

Before finalizing a primary school in Greater Noida West for your child, you should find out whether children in the neighbourhood, whom your child knows or plays with, are about to enroll in the same school. Attending school for the first time can be a daunting experience for a child. In such a situation, they would feel a little relaxed if they go to school with children they already know or are familiar with.

  • Curriculum

The world that we live in constantly changing. The kind of education that was considered to be relevant a decade back might not be of any value today. Because of this, it is very important to check the curriculum of a school before enrolling your child in it. The school’s curriculum should help your child be ready for the future.

Apart from providing theoretical knowledge, a school must offer them an environment where they can practically apply all that they have learned. Along with a well-structured academic curriculum, it should encourage students to participate in co-curricular activities that lead to their holistic growth and development.

  • Distance

When a school is far away from where the family lives, it affects both parents and children. If one of the parents drives their child to school, both of them end up wasting a lot of time traveling every day. Even if the child is being sent to school on a bus, a lot of time, that the child could have spent studying or playing, would go to waste.

Along with time being wasted, going to a school that is several kilometers away from their home, leads to a child feeling exhausted. Travelling for long hours in a bus or any other transport leads to excursions and that affects the physical health of the child. If you are based in Greater Noida West, do not get your child admitted in a school that is located in the eastern part of the city.

  • Technology

A couple of decades ago, most schools didn’t have any technological equipment. In the last few years, technology has grown at a very fast pace and that has led to educational institutions adopting the tools of technology to impart education to young students. From computer systems to digital whiteboards, technology plays a very important role in schools today.

Despite technology growing by leaps and bounds, many schools in India do not realize the importance of implementing technology in their educational structure. While screening schools near Greater Noida West for your child, you should check whether they are up-to-date with modern technology or not.


Apart from checking the credentials of a school in Noida, it is very important to figure out whether that particular school will prove to be conducive to the growth of your child. For instance, if your child is extremely passionate about sports and the school does not have adequate sporting facilities, you should consider other options for them. If you have been looking for schools near Greater Noida West, J M International School should be at the top of your list.

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