embossed stickers uk, buy cbd boxes, cbd box viveprinting
embossed stickers uk, buy cbd boxes, cbd box viveprinting

How to Use Embossed Stickers to Make Your Product Stand Out

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In this modern era, standing out in a competitive market is crucial. Consider ways to make your product stand out. One way you can do this is the strategic use of embossed stickers

Because these embossed stickers add a unique touch that grabs the consumer’s attention. Let’s read to learn more about these stickers, like how to effectively use them in business to boost your product’s appeal and sales. 

Embossed Stickers – Everything You Should Know 

Embossed stickers utilise a printing process that raises the designs off the surface of the sticker material. This process creates a 3D effect that you can feel with your finger. 

Because it is embossed like this that you feel on the surface. Like something is on the surface. Embossed designs catch the light differently than other stickers, like flat, adding visual interest. 

Embossed stickers UK suppliers offer a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and finishing touches. You can customise it on your own according to your choice. Many options include gloss, matte, transparent, metallic, and more. 

These allow you to select an embossing effect that aligns with your product’s look and feel. For example, metallic embossed stickers pair well with tech products, while custom shaped embossed stickers help personalise CBD boxes.

Why Prefer Embossed Stickers For Your Business?

When adding emboss, you must know its uses or benefits. Because using embossed stickers on your product packaging. Stickers on packaging provide many advantages: 

  • Generates an upscale, luxurious appearance that communicates quality.
  • Adds tactile texture that consumers can feel.
  • Grabs light for high visual appeal. 
  • It allows adding matching colours for seamless integration. 
  • It provides versatility with the ability to pair embossed and flat sticker elements.
  • It can increase product protection through use in fragile areas.
  • Adds durability over matte stickers when used on frequently handled areas.

How to Effectively Use Embossed Stickers 

You can follow these tips to maximise the impact of embossed stickers on your product:

Strategic Alignment 

  • Place these stickers on areas most handled or viewed by consumers, such as the product face, lid, or nameplate. This highlights the texture and increases visuality.
  • Align sticker interior colour with product colour for an impressive look. Metallic embossed stickers pair well with tech products.
  • Use embossed elements sparingly to create points of interest, such as on a single focal area like the logo on a CBD box.

Cohesive Designs


  • Must match the sticker design motifs with the product branding assets for continuity. Because custom shapes change and increase brand recognition.  
  • You can coordinate these sticker designs with labels, hang tags, or packaging for a pulled-together aesthetic. Keep in mind to repeat logo embossed stickers on the outer packaging. 
  • Pair embossed and flat stickers for added depth. Use flat for finer details and embossed for added impact.

Finishing Touches 


  • To match the product surface, consider gloss or matte lamination on flat sticker areas. This creates a polished finished product.
  • Add unique treatments like soft-touch coatings or UV finishes to accentuate the embossed texture. Metallic stickers align with foil stamping.
  • Use clear or tinted sticker materials on see-through packaging to highlight inner contents while allowing the embossing to shine.

You can leverage these stickers if you follow all these steps and practices—unique properties to create an end product that stands out on the shelf. Consumers will be drawn to the combination of visual appeal and tactile texture. 

When crediting your embossed stickers UK providers like Viveprinting offer many options to suit your brand’s needs. Empower in eye-catching embossed designs is a proven way to uplift your product preservation. 

Connecting the Dots!

All in all, comparing your product to others is essential to sales success. Adding prestige quality in embossed stickers transforms an ordinary item into a premium good. 

With custom shapes, sizes, materials and finishes available, the possibilities are endless. Contact leading Birmingham embossed sticker company VivePrinting today to explore how embossed stickers can take your product to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: What are embossed stickers? 

Embossed stickers have a raised or textured surface, giving them a 3D effect. Adding emboss in stickers stands out visually compared to flat or other stickers.

Q2: How can embossed stickers add value to your product? 

The embossed texture gives your product an elevated, premium look and feel. This thing helps you stand out from the crowd. 

Q3: What type of stickers are suitable for your product? 

Embossed stickers work well on all types, including food items, beauty/skincare, supplements, tech products, etc. 

Q4: Where can I buy embossed stickers for my products?

You can choose stickers in different shapes, sizes and embossing effects. Look for options like raised text, layered embossing, or speciality coatings.

Q5: How do I design artwork for embossed stickers?

Work with your sticker printer to ensure your artwork and fonts are optimised for embossing.

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