Pros & Cons of Mini Goldendoodle Dog

Know All Mini Goldendoodle Pros and Cons Before Having One

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If you are a dog lover then you might know that the golden doodles comes under the category of one of the hottest breeds of dog existing in the world. 

This popular crossbreed has been created with the combination of the intelligence of a poodle dog and the loyalty and sweetness of a golden retriever. 

These dogs are loved by a lot of people and in case you also like them and are planning to get one for yourself, then before you get one you should know certain things about it. 

In this blog, we are going to tell you about mini Goldendoodle pros and cons which are necessary to be known before you get a dog for yourself. 

Mini Goldendoodle Dogs – More About Them 

These dogs are the result of a cross between miniature poodles and golden retriever dogs, and if you use smaller poodles then it can help you in reducing the overall size of the golden doodles. 




Rare Shedding


Size of Goldendoodle


Life Span of The Dogs


Friendly with Families

High Level of Energy

Health of the Dogs


Pros of the Goldendoodle Dogs for The Owners – 

  • Rare Shedding – The first thing in pros and cons of mini Goldendoodles which is that these dogs rarely shed and since they do not leave behind hairs it saves your cleaning time. 
  • Size of Goldendoodle – Coming to the next part, you will find that the size of the dog is small and its weight is less too which makes it quirky and also easy for you to carry and travel with it, also This saves you money on the dry dog food.
  • Life Span of The Dogs – The life span of these dogs is longer than the larger dogs as they are small, it can live up to 12 or even 17 to 18 years, hence they can be your companion for a long, and mini goldendoodle health plays an important role in this. 
  • Friendly with Families – These dogs are friendly, sweet, intelligent, caring as well as loyal and all these qualities make them a perfect choice for a family dog. 
  • Health of the Dogs – If you have the question are mini Goldendoodles healthy, then the answer is yes, these dogs are healthy and they do not have a lot of health problems such as low risk of joint disease or cancer. 

Cons of the Goldendoodle Dogs for The Owners – 

  • Barking – These dogs tend to bark a lot because of excitement or some other reasons hence, barking could be a real issue for you. 
  • Price – It is not an unknown fact that these dogs are expensive and you need a good budget to buy them. 
  • Maintenance – If wondering if are mini goldendoodles high maintenance then the answer is yes, they are as they need regular grooming and if you do not groom them their hair might get tangled and extremely long. 

High Level of Energy – Highly energetic dogs shouldn’t be a problem, but if you are not young or if you do not exercise much then playing with your golden doodle can be a lot tiring as they have a high level of energy.


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