Linksys Velop Not Connecting to Internet- Resolved

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Linksys Velop is used to provide speedy internet services to internet devices. You can configure the Linksys Velop Mesh system pretty easily and comfortably. But, Problems can occur after you complete the Linksys Velop setup. The major errors are, Linksys Velop not connecting to the internet and low-speed internet. So, in this article, you will explore some of the troubleshooting tips to dispel such technical errors like weak internet signals and you are not able to connect to the internet.

Fix Technical Errors Using Some Tips

Occasionally, after setting up Linksys Velop WiFi mesh system, some technical errors could occur such as weak internet connection or speed. To solve such issues use some of the technical tips written below.

Placement of All the Velop Nodes

It is important where you place the router, modem, and Velop nodes in your home. Be sure you place the nodes close to the router and the modem. If you place the nodes very far away, then you will face an internet connection and speed issue. Go through some of the points where you will gather information on where you could place your Linksys Velop nodes.

  • Ensure that you didn’t place the Velop nodes near the heavy concrete walls and water pots.
  • Avoid placing the nodes close to the microwave ovens or other things that produce electromagnetic waves.
  • You have to put your Velop nodes close to the modem and router so that there will be no problem to connect them.
  • Try to place the nodes near the thick walls.

These points will help you to strengthen, your weak internet connection.

Cable Connection

Use the Ethernet cable to connect Velop nodes to each other and the modem. The primary node plays a crucial role in the connection because the primary node transmits the signals to other child nodes. Check the Ethernet cable as well so that it’s not loose or damaged. If it is then replace it with a new one. Remember, one end of the network cable goes into the LAN port of the modem and another one to the WAN or the internet port of the Velop primary node. Check the connection between the parent node and the child node as well. So that, there would be no problem with the network cable and the internet service will be good throughout your whole home.

Use Up to Date Firmware

Outdated firmware could be a reason that you couldn’t connect to the internet. So, try to update Firmware from time to time. To update the firmware you have to login to the web interface of the Linksys Velop using Just follow some simple steps to update the firmware.

  1. To log in to the Velop, you have to connect your computer to the router’s network and then start the computer.
  2. Now, launch any internet browser on the desktop and click on the address bar of the browser.
  3. Type in and press the Enter key.
  4. This will take you to the login page of the Linksys Velop. Here you have to write user details in the blanks. Use the user manual that came with the Linksys Velop nodes.
  5. After completing this step you can manage the settings and update the firmware as well.

This same process falls for the Linksys velop setup. In the above paragraphs, we explained some of the hardware connection problems, firmware updation, and where you should place your Linksys Velop nodes.

Summing Up

In this article, we explored how you can resolve the connection problem using some of the troubleshooting tips. Now, you can easily dispel all the problems regarding the weak connection from this article. Remember, the Linksys Velop nodes help routers to provide internet boost to the internet devices. So, try to place the Velop nodes correctly and don’t forget to check the cable connections between modem and parent node. Also, be sure that your firmware is up to date all the time.

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