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List Of Best Credit Cards For Your Business

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Credit cards for business owners are tailored to cater to their varied financial requirements. The cards help streamline business expenses and reap business-related benefits. Credit cards for businesses are meant for everyone, from self-employed professionals to sole proprietors, freelancers, and owners of large multinational companies.

Besides trade-related expenses, business credit cards can also be used for other tasks, such as managing travel and entertainment expenses and vendor payment management. A business payment card like this helps to keep personal and business expenditures separate, helping manage finances efficiently. Business owners can use the card to improve cash flow and credit rating.

Popular Credit Cards for Business

Here are some popular business credit cards used by business owners, which help in the seamless functioning of a business enterprise.

ICICI Bank Business Essential Card

Annual Fee: Rs 1,000 + GST (You do not have to pay any annual fee if the spending exceeds Rs 5 lakh)


  • As a joining benefit, you will get 2,000 PAYBACK Points.  
  • As a renewal benefit, you will get 1,500 PAYBACK Points.
  • Get a fuel surcharge waiver of 1%  of up to Rs 4,000 at HPCL petrol pumps.
  • An air accident cover of Rs 25 lakh is also offered.

ICICI Bank American Express Business Ascent Credit Card

Annual Fee: Rs 1,500 + GST (if the spending exceeds Rs 7.5 lakh, no annual fee is charged)


  • Get a joining benefit of 3,000 PAYBACK Points as reward.
  • Get a renewal benefit of 2,000 PAYBACK as reward.
  • Reap the airline benefits. Under the Boingo Programme, get a voucher for accessing international hotspots.
  • Get an air accident cover of Rs 25 lakh and around 8 complimentary accesses to airport lounges per year.

HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card

Annual Fee: Rs 1,000


  • Get 4 reward points for spending every Rs 150 on hotel reservations, online purchases and flight bookings.
  • For spending at participating merchant stores, you will get 20 reward points.
  • Get an interest-free credit period of 50 days with the credit card from the date of purchase.
  • For Rs 150 spent on fuel purchases and eWallet loading, earn up to 2 reward points with this card.

Axis Bank My Business Credit Card

Annual Fee: No annual fee for the first year (Rs 499 from the second year)


  • For transactions between Rs 4,000 and Rs 40,000 (with a maximum limit of Rs 400 in a month), you will get a waiver of surcharge on all sorts of fuel purchases in India.
  • For spending every Rs 200, get 4 eDGE points. Further, on the first online transaction, earn 100 points.
  • Access to two complimentary airport lounge visits every quarter.
  • If you book a flight on EzeeGo with the business card, you will get 20% cashback for the base-level fare flights.

SBI Platinum Corporate Credit card

Annual fee: Rs 2,999


  • Get a welcome gift coupon worth Rs 3,000.
  • You will earn reward points for spending in supermarkets, restaurants, and internationally.
  • Earn up to 40,000 redeemable reward points annually.
  • Under the Priority Pass program, you can access the airport lounge.
  • Get a one-way free domestic air ticket on spending Rs 5 lakh in a year.
  • On using the card for a year, you will get a complimentary gift coupon for Rs 3,000.

Features of Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards come with the following features:

· Online Account Management

You can head to the official portal of the credit card provider from where you have obtained the business credit card and manage the transactions with ease. You can easily view credit card statements, block cards, raise disputes and pay bills.

· Manage Expenses Easily

The business credit card statements will help you keep track of the business expenses and carry out related computations easily. It is helpful when it comes to budgeting and conducting future operations. Business owners can easily check where the business fund is being used.

· Secure Transactions

You can be sure of secure transactions with business credit cards. You no longer have to carry cash. With just a swipe, you can easily manage business expenses. 

· Dual Benefits

Both employers and employees can reap the benefits of business credit cards. While employees can make the most of cashless transactions, employers can reap additional perks that come with it.

· Rewards

Business professionals can get cash back, reward points, deals, and discounts on varied verticals using a business credit card. You can also get a substantial sign-up bonus. The reward points that they get can be redeemed for vouchers or gifts. 

· Boost Business Credit Rating

How you handle your business credit card will have a significant bearing on the credit score of your firm. By initiating timely payments, you can build a healthy credit score. A higher business credit score will position you advantageously when you apply for financing options in the future. You can easily be eligible for long-term financing options.

· Increases Business Cash Flow

A steady cash flow is integral to the proper functioning of a business body, irrespective of the business’s nature and size. You can easily free cash with the help of a business credit card and use that to back business operations. In addition, by extending employee business credit cards, business professionals can keep track of their spending. Business owners can cap the spending limit and ensure accelerated cash flow.


In conclusion, credit cards for business let you efficiently address a company’s diverse financial requirements. You can use these credit cards instead of disrupting cash flow or taking money out of the company’s funds. You can pay off the debt easily without bearing any interest and enjoying the additional perks. It is an exciting financial prospect for companies if you can choose the right card.

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