Making a Splash: Finding the Best Pool Decking in Los Angeles
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Making a Splash: Finding the Best Pool Decking in Los Angeles

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Summers do not summer without a pool. It is the one difference between an epic and a boring summer! But no matter the weather, having a pool never goes out of style. But just like every good thing in life, having a pool comes with its due share of responsibilities. 

Changing weather conditions and constant use can wear a pool deck out, which is what makes pool deck coatings pivotal. 

So, if you are finishing up a great summer in Los Angeles and are looking for ways to rejuvenate your pool to safeguard it from the approaching winter, you are at the right place. In this guide, we take a trip down the information lane to uncover the different kinds of pool deck coatings and how you can choose the best one for your pool. 

But if you don’t want to make the decision yourself, call on professionals who can examine your house and recommend the best pool decking in Los Angeles

Let’s get started. 

Pool Decking: Factors To Consider When Choosing 

Slip Resistance 

It goes without saying that your pool should be slip-resistant. You do not want a fun pool party to abruptly end mid-way because someone slipped and broke a leg (quite literally!). So the first thing you must consider when choosing a pool decking material is its slip-resistance. 

You can also add to this quality through various means without tarnishing the visual appeal of a particular material of your choice, including using exposed aggregate or broom finishes, mixing the sealer with a clear plastic grit, or going for a texture overlay. 

Heat Reflectivity 

The only purpose of jumping into a pool is to beat the heat! So, you do not want your pool deck to be burning hot as well. Although the relatively darker brick shades in pool decks look phenomenal, they are prone to getting hot when exposed to the Sun. We all learned that dark colors absorb the Sun’s radiations and thus get very hot. 

So going for a decking material such as concrete is a better option as it reflects heat instead of absorbing it. You can also install specialized decorative toppings on concrete to make it even more heat-reflective. 


One of the most important characteristics of a pool deck is affordability because the others are useless if you cannot afford to install them! Pool decks made of brick, flagstone, and pavers are very popular, but they can be quite expensive if you are on a budget. Going for a concrete option with a patterned look is much cheaper. 

Design Options 

The previously mentioned factors do not call for you to choose a deck that is heat and slip-resistant but horrendous-looking. You should go for one that you like, and that works with the overall style of your outdoor space! 

Most decorative concrete decks give homeowners the opportunity to choose a size, shape, color, and surface treatment of their choice, ranging from exposed aggregate and plain broom-finished design to imprinted patterns that look like brick, tile, and stone. 

Ease of Maintenance 

No matter what kind of decking you choose, it is you who will have to clean and maintain it every day. So make sure you make things harder for yourself while trying to go for a more trendy option. 

Also keep in mind that just because an impossible-to-clean decking option looks great in large mansions where no one really lives does not mean they should work for you as well! 

Types Of Pool Deckings 

Now that you know the primary factors you need to consider while choosing the right decking for your pool, let us look at some of the most popular options amongst homeowners. Having an idea of the variety available in the market and the factors to keep in mind will help you make an informed decision. 

Brushed Concrete 

As discussed before, brushed concrete is one of the simplest kinds of decking materials that is inexpensive, easy to maintain, and slip-resistant. Its heavy bristles are perfect for giving your deck a rigid appeal while balancing it with the lighter bristles that offer a lightweight texture.

Travertine Pavers 

If you want to give your pool a luxury appeal, Travertine is the best possible option. It is heat-resistant, porous, weather-resistant, and great at absorbing water. 

Patterned Concrete 

As the name implies, this decking option is textured, patterned, or embossed, which can mimic the appeal of wood, stone, tile, slate, or even brick.  


SUNDEK offers homeowners a lot of flexibility in design, style, and cost, making it an excellent and affordable option that is heat-reflecting and slip-resistant. 


Tiles are an eco-friendly and elegant way to increase your deck’s durability and visual appeal. 

Summing Up 

Whether you want an elegant, sleek-looking pool deck or a vintage, rustic appeal, the right pool decking can do it all. Visit here to related post to learn more about choosing the right option for your pool to maintain its visual appeal and robustness for several years to come! 

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