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Making Ammo Boxes Look Stylish For Your Home

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It’s no surprise that individuals are coming up with creative methods to recycle commonplace materials into eye-catching pieces of home decor in today’s world, where sustainability and originality are at the forefront of design trends. One such growing trend is “Survivalist Chic,” in which old munitions boxes are repurposed into chic accent furniture. Following your interest in cardboard and kraft, this article will discuss the process of transforming Ammo Boxes Cardboard into stylish home decor.

The Allure Of “Survivalist Style” And How To Identify It

ammo box

Blending the rough with the elegant, the practical, and the creative is at the heart of the survivalist chic aesthetic. Formerly reserved for the military, ammo boxes now appeal to people in search of a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Repurposing these cardboard boxes not only helps the environment but also adds a sense of mystery and adventure to your decor.

Picking the Best Magazines

It’s important to load up on the correct resources before plunging headfirst into the creative process. Boxes made of cardboard or kraft paper will do fine for your purposes. Please make sure the boxes are dry and undamaged before using them. These boxes are commonly available in surplus stores, online markets, and even garage sales.

Repurposing Explosive Boxes

Let’s have a look at some cool upcycling techniques that can transform these ordinary boxes into works of art:

Ammunition Racks

Make some simple shelves out of stacked cardboard or kraft ammo boxes for a more country look. Books, plants, and antiques all have a place to shine on these shelves. You can alter their look by painting or distressing them.

Coffee Table Constructed From An Ammo Box

Build a one-of-a-kind coffee table by stacking numerous ammo crates and topping them with wood or glass. This piece will add an interesting touch to your living space with its industrial design.

Ammunition boxes

Get rid of clutter and organize your home with the help of kraft ammunition boxes. You can stack them in your closet, garage, or bedroom once you’ve given them descriptive names. These boxes are sturdy and attractive, plus they serve a useful purpose.

Planters Made From Ammo Boxes, Fourth Place

Use cardboard or kraft ammo boxes as planters for a touch of survivalist chic in your indoor or outdoor garden. Add dirt, drill several holes in the bottom for drainage, and enjoy watching your plants flourish in their new home.

DIY Methods

Making Survivalist Chic home furnishings from Ammo Cardboard Boxes is a fun and easy do-it-yourself project. A primer is provided below.

  • Cleaning and Preparation: To begin, remove all labels and other residues from the boxes. Smooth down the rough spots with some sandpaper.
  • Plan your layout and select complementary hues for the paint. Express yourself creatively by going for a worn look or a bright finish, whichever you want.
  • Depending on the type of project you’re working on, consider incorporating practical details like shelves, legs, or handles. This enhancement improves both aesthetics and practicality.
  • Apply a sealer to your work to keep it safe from damage. Taking this precaution will lengthen the lifespan of your decorative items.

Adopting A More Sustainable Way Of Life

ammo box

Survivalist style is more than simply a sense of fashion; it’s also about being environmentally responsible. You can help the environment and encourage eco-friendly practices by finding new uses for old cardboard and kraft ammunition packaging. It’s a win-win scenario because your environmentally conscious lifestyle may be showcased in your home decor.


Decorations with a Survivalist Chic vibe are trendy and eco-friendly. Ammo boxes made of cardboard and kraft materials are ideal for upcycling since they allow you to infuse your home with a little bit of history and character. Keep in mind that there are no limits to your imagination and that these repurposed ammo boxes can become a statement in your home about your commitment to sustainable practices.


Are there preferred sorts of ammo crates for repurposing purposes?

Ammo boxes made of cardboard or kraft paper are ideal for repurposing into decorative items for the home. Please keep them in a dry, undamaged area for the best results with your do-it-yourself endeavours.

What are some common ways of decorating used ammo boxes?

Since they evoke an aged, rustic aesthetic, matte, and distressed paints are frequently used. 

Where can I go for creative upcycling ideas on the internet?

Absolutely! Upcycling inspiration may be found all over the World Wide Web. DIY blogs and image-sharing websites on Pinterest provide a variety of project ideas and instructions.

Where can I find reusable cardboard or kraft ammo boxes?

These boxes are commonly sold at garage sales, internet markets, and surplus stores. Before buying, make sure you’ve thoroughly inspected its condition and quality.

If you’re decorating your home in the Survivalist Chic style, what other materials would you use?

The Survivalist Chic aesthetic can be complemented by using materials such as salvaged wood, leather, and metal. These components complete the raw yet sophisticated look of upcycled ammo box sculptures.

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