Merlo’s First Fully Electric Telehandler e-Worker 25.5

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Merlo has unveiled its first fully electric telehandler, ‘the e-Worker 25.5’. The electric machine can transform the way you manage heavy-duty applications. Merlo’s telehandler offers many top-notch features and comes with state-of-the-art specifications. This article will share everything you need to know about this all-new e-Worker.

The electric heavy-duty equipment comes with zero-emissions technology to play its role in building an eco-friendly environment. Also, the e-Worker can provide top-notch performance and work efficiency using its power engine. Merlo’s electric machine can save your fuel costs with its zero-fuel consumption. Let’s find out more of the key features of this e-Worker.

Key Features

The fully electric heavy-moving machinery possesses incredible features. Here are some prominent features of this powerful e-machine.

  • Merlo’s electric equipment offers a maximum (max.) load capacity of 5,511 lbs. to handle heavy-duty applications.
  • E-Worker can lift heavy materials up to 15 feet 7 inches max. lift height.
  • The telehandler has a max. reach of 8 feet 5 inches to complete many indoor and outdoor tasks.
  • Merlo’s electric machine offers a load capacity of 3,307 lbs. and 1,984 lbs. at max. lift and reach.


The all-new e-Worker is equipped with some top-notch specifications. Below are some of those amazing specifications.

Engine and Hydraulics

Merlo’s electric equipment has an electric motor and a powerful 48-volt lead-acid battery. The battery offers a current capacity of 960 Ah. Also, the electric battery is placed in the center of the machine to ensure a low center of gravity and to provide better stability. However, the heavy-duty equipment has a load-sensing hydraulic pump that delivers a hydraulic pressure of 3,045 psi.

Power and Speeds

The emission-free electric machine can provide max. power up to 66 kW. Along with that, the all-new e-Worker can work at max. speeds of 15 mph to complete heavy-duty applications in less time.

Charging System

The fully electric battery needs a recharge time of 9 hours at 220 volts to operate well at the greatest speeds. Once done with charging, this self-drive e-telehandler can operate smoothly on your work site for 8 hours.

Transmission and Brakes

Merlo’s e-Worker comes with a dual reverse shuttle-type transmission system which is ideal for telehandlers as it offers smooth front-reverse gear shifting. The e-transmission features a battery that powers the electric motors to maintain constant drive torque during the acceleration of your heavy-duty machine. On the other hand, the e-Worker operates on front wet brakes. Oil-operated brakes prevent warping and reduce wear issues during braking operations.

Unladen Mass

The all-new electric equipment possesses a mass of 4950 kgs. in an unladen state with fuel, fluids, and spare wheel attachment. In addition, the lightweight e-machine can operate well on your work sites to accomplish several heavy-duty jobs.


The e-telehandler has 14-ply 10.0/75×15.3 tires that are suitable for both agricultural and heavy-duty applications. These tires offer a turning radius of 10 feet 7 inches for smooth turning. Also, the electric equipment has a 4WD traction mechanism that offers better traction on slippery surfaces.

Overload Protection System

The fully electric machine has an MCPD overload protection system to prevent your electrical system (motor, motor branch circuits, etc.) from excessive heat in work overload conditions.


Merlo’s e-Worker is 10 feet 9 inches in length, 5 feet in width, and 6 feet 5 inches in height. The heavy-duty equipment has a wheelbase of 6 feet 9 inches. However, it offers a good ground clearance of 9 inches to protect your electric machine from damage and allow smooth operation on all terrains. 

Standard Model Specs

The standard e-Worker offers many incredible facilities. Some of them are shared below.

  • The all-new e-machine has a FOPS and ROPS-certified cab to provide you with the best safety during work operations.
  • Merlo’s telehandler offers 2 floating forks to lift, carry, and place heavy-duty objects or materials on different work sites.
  • The cab has an amazing set of features like a battery charger, battery fast replacement, electronic joystick, tack-lock for attachments, and powerful work lights.
  • The operator’s cab offers sun protectors to ensure the telehandler operates well in daylight. 
  • The tractor-type e-machine gets an automatic parking brake to allow your operator to park the equipment safely.
  • E-telehandler’s low-pivot ground engaging boom increases your work productivity by providing the best ground contact.
  • Merlo’s electric equipment has a hydraulic outlet on the boom’s top and an auxiliary hydraulic surface on the boom.


Merlo’s e-telehandler is an incredible machine for indoor and outdoor heavy-duty applications. The fully electric equipment can help you in handling heavy materials on both agricultural and construction work sites. Moreover, this zero-emissions and zero-fuel-consuming machine helps you maintain an eco-friendly environment while you save money on fuel costs. In short, the fully electric e-Worker comes with many amazing sets of features to provide top work performance for heavy-duty applications. read more 

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