Order Food on the AP EXPRESS and Enjoy a Tasty Meal

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Our experiences on the train are unique and enjoyable. It forces us to communicate with various people. We have access to the beauty of the world’s various landscapes. Everyone wants to eat some of their favorite foods while traveling and viewing such a beautiful world. As a result, online websites now allow you to order food while seated. and you can savor your meal while looking out the window. You will receive hot, fresh food when you use Online Food Order In Train service.


Depending on the route and the stations that will be along the route, you can enjoy delicious and healthy food at various stations on the  AP-express. A more rapid day train for passengers is the  AP-express. That indicates that the train will arrive back at the same station from which it departed. Here, I’ll list all the  AP-express stations where you can easily get food.


How to Order Food Online While Traveling by Train?


By entering a PNR number, train name, or number, the user requests a food order. The confirmation of that request is forwarded to our backend team.

The order is approved for further processing after the passenger’s information has been successfully verified and cross-checked against the PNR number.

The restaurant partner of that particular station receives an order notification from  zoop. To let the customer know that their Online Food Delivery In Train has been accepted, another notification is sent to them.

The restaurant confirms the order by calling the passenger about it after receiving the order information from our catering partners.

Food is properly packed and prepared in a hygienic environment.

One of our delivery representatives dispatches the order for delivery.


AP-express food delivery stations  


At five stations, Visakhapatnam, Balharshah, Chandrapur, Nagpur, and Bhopal Jn, you can place an online order for AP EXPRESS-delivered high-quality food from some of the well-known eateries that are affiliated with e-Catering. Zoop is an official food aggregator chosen by IRCTC to help train passengers place online food orders for the AP EXPRESS train. On the official “Food on Track” app, you can also place an Online Food Order In Train. IRCTC e-Catering train food services has given its approval to all restaurants. Each restaurant that delivers food through AP EXPRESS has undergone rigorous inspections and audits to ensure that they adhere to all applicable regulations regarding hygiene. These include a current FSSAI certificate, hygiene in the kitchen and packing areas, tax compliance, and so on. Order some tasty food at affordable costs to take advantage of the finest bargains on train food delivery services in the AP EXPRESS train.


On the AP EXPRESS 20805, you may also arrange group meal orders. Bulk ticketing is possible on train AP EXPRESS at Visakhapatnam, Balharshah, Chandrapur, Nagpur, and Bhopal Jn.

For the ASR  AP-express, there is an online food delivery service.


Howrah Junction in New Jalpaiguri is where this train’s journey begins. It travels every day of the week from Howrah to Jalpaiguri and distances 12041 km. The best food delivery service is also offered by this train, which is not a pantry. Two important stations for food delivery are on this train. These stations are Kishanganj and the Malda Town railway station.


You can order a variety of food items from a restaurant called Limelight Hotel and Restaurants at the first railway station on this train’s route, Malda Railway Station, including Chinese, Bengali, Punjabi, and many other dishes that can make your journey more enjoyable. The Old School Cafe Restaurants is a restaurant that is also located in the second station of the Kishanganj railway station. which allows you to place special food orders for your trip and enjoy your meals only while seated.


20805 AP-express offers food delivery


Every day but Sunday, the  AP-express travels from Kanpur Central to Delhi. There isn’t a pantry on this train, but you can still order food from restaurants online. This train travels from Kanpur Central to Etawah, Aligarh Junction, Ghaziabad, and then on to New Delhi. At the New Delhi Railway station, the only other station on this train where you can order food.

Two online food delivery services, Om Sai Rasoi and Sagar Bar Be Que, are available at the New Delhi railway station. You can try Online Food Order In Train with a variety of foods from these restaurants, including North Indian, Chinese, fast food, and Punjabi.


We can easily enjoy our favorite foods while riding the train thanks to the option to order food delivery. You can now eat delicious, healthy food while remaining seated in the same place without getting up from your chair. So, take advantage of a variety of food offerings at these restaurants to enhance your trip.


The Benefits of Online Train Food Ordering with zoop.


Food Delivery to Seats.

Served Hot and Fresh in Restaurants.

Food Discounts for Large Orders.

Timely food delivery.

Various Delicious Food Options.

Food of a Good Standard.

Packaging that’s clean.

Cheap Rates.

Refund for canceled food orders.

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