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Since 2005, Egoboo has been operating as a Recording Studio in Dublin, specializing in TV and radio advertisement hits and memorable sounds. We have had the pleasure of working with various industries, individuals, and companies such as advertising agencies, film production companies, marketing and branding companies, TV and radio stations, and music artists. With our services in audio post-production, creative sound design, and bespoke music composition, Egoboo remains at the forefront of sound design, post-production, and music composition.

The Importance of a Professional Recording Studio

In this age of DIY (Do-It-Yourself), more and more voice-over artists are opting to record from home. While this may have been a necessity during the global pandemic, it is no longer the case. Home studios are not ideal recording spaces and often result in lower-quality sound. Additionally, recording at home lacks the expertise in direction that a professional recording studio provides, hindering the production of the best audio quality possible.

The Egoboo Experience

At Egoboo, we understand the significance of delivering high-quality sound. That’s why we provide a luxurious acoustically treated space equipped with high-end broadcast equipment. Our studio is designed to make you feel in control and aligned with your work, ensuring optimal recording conditions. We take our work seriously and promise to assist you throughout the entire video and audio production process, from pre-production to post-production. With our expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, we strive to deliver the best results for your projects.


For those seeking professional audio production services, Egoboo is the recording studio in Dublin that can meet your needs. Whether you are an advertising agency, film production company, marketing and branding company, TV or radio station, or a music artist, our services in audio post-production, creative sound design, and bespoke music composition will elevate your projects to new heights. Don’t settle for subpar audio quality from a home studio. Choose Egoboo and experience the difference a professional recording studio can make.

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