A Complete Guide to Exciting Things to Do In Kelso Wa

A Complete Guide to Exciting Things to Do In Kelso Wa

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Kelso Wa is surrounded by the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Kelso, Washington. It is a city that often surprises visitors with its vibrant community, rich history, and an abundance of recreational opportunities. Whether you’re a resident looking for new adventures or a traveler passing through, Kelso has something to offer everyone. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll uncover a myriad of exciting things to do in Kelso Wa, ensuring that your visit to this charming city is both enjoyable and memorable.

1. Discover Kelso’s History

Kelso Train Station

Begin your exploration of Kelso by delving into its history. The Kelso Train Station is a great starting point, offering a glimpse into the city’s railroad heritage. You can admire the well-preserved station building and learn about Kelso’s pivotal role in the region’s transportation history.

Cowlitz County Historical Museum

For a deeper dive into Kelso’s past, the Cowlitz County Historical Museum is a must-visit. Explore fascinating exhibits, artifacts, and photographs that chronicle the history of the city and the surrounding area.

2. Enjoy Outdoor Adventures

Lake Sacajawea Park

Nature enthusiasts will find solace at Lake Sacajawea Park. This picturesque park features serene walking paths, scenic views of the lake, and abundant greenery. It’s an ideal spot for picnics, birdwatching, or simply unwinding amidst nature’s beauty.

Tam O’Shanter Park

Tam O’Shanter Park is another excellent outdoor destination, offering playgrounds, sports fields, and a disc golf course. Pack a picnic, challenge friends to a game, or simply bask in the fresh air.

Fishing and Boating

The nearby Cowlitz River and Silver Lake provide ample opportunities for fishing and boating. Cast your line into the river or enjoy a relaxing day on the water with a kayak or canoe.

3. Explore Kelso’s Arts and Culture

Kelso Theater Pub

Catch a show or enjoy a movie night at the Kelso Theater Pub. This historic venue hosts live performances, and film screenings, and even serves food and drinks, creating a delightful entertainment experience.

Downtown Kelso

Stroll through downtown Kelso to appreciate the city’s local art scene. You’ll find charming galleries and boutiques showcasing the work of talented artists and artisans.

4. Savor Culinary Delights

Local Eateries

Kelso boasts a diverse culinary scene. Whether you’re in the mood for classic American comfort food, international cuisine, or a hearty steak dinner, you’ll find a range of dining options to satisfy your cravings. You can enjoy the food and natural beauty of the restaurants in Kelso WA.

Farmers’ Markets

If you’re visiting during the summer months, be sure to check out one of Kelso’s farmers’ markets. These markets offer fresh produce, artisanal products, and a taste of the local flavors.

5. Family-Friendly Fun

Three Rivers Mall

Families can enjoy a day of shopping and entertainment at the Three Rivers Mall. Explore various stores and take the kids to the mall’s play area for some indoor fun. After your enjoyment get the taxi services from your airport where you come back home.

Cowden Park

Cowden Park is perfect for families with children. It features playgrounds, sports fields, and a skate park, providing a range of recreational options for all ages.

6. Attend Local Events

Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce

Stay updated on local events and festivals by checking the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce’s website. From community celebrations to art festivals, Kelso offers a vibrant event calendar throughout the year.

7. Day Trips and Nearby Attractions

Mount St. Helens

For a memorable day trip, consider visiting Mount St. Helens, one of the most iconic volcanic landmarks in the Pacific Northwest. Explore its visitor centers, hiking trails, and breathtaking vistas.

Columbia River Gorge

The stunning Columbia River Gorge is also within reach of Kelso. Discover scenic drives, hiking trails, and waterfalls as you immerse yourself in the beauty of this natural wonder.


Kelso, WA, is a city that beckons with its rich history, natural beauty, and welcoming community. Whether you’re interested in exploring its heritage, enjoying outdoor adventures, savoring local cuisine, or attending cultural events, Kelso has a diverse range of activities to suit every taste. So, pack your sense of adventure and get ready to uncover the many exciting things to do in Kelso, making your visit to this Pacific Northwest gem truly unforgettable. These things are valuable after your boring routine life and your kids learning in group form.

What is Kelso, Washington, Known For?

Kelso, Washington, is known for several notable attributes:

  1. Railroad Heritage: Kelso has a rich history as a railroad town and is often associated with its strong ties to the railroad industry. The city’s historic train station and its role in the development of the region’s transportation network are significant aspects of Kelso’s identity.
  2. Natural Beauty: Kelso is situated in the picturesque Pacific Northwest and is known for its natural beauty. The city is surrounded by lush forests, scenic rivers, and stunning landscapes, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.
  3. Lake Sacajawea: Kelso is famous for Lake Sacajawea Park, a serene and picturesque park that features a beautiful lake, walking paths, gardens, and recreational facilities. It’s a beloved destination for residents and visitors alike.
  4. Community Spirit: Kelso is known for its strong sense of community and local pride. The city hosts various community events, festivals, and activities that bring residents together and contribute to its vibrant atmosphere.

    What is the History of Kelso, Washington?

    Kelso, Washington, has a history deeply rooted in its connection to the railroad industry:

    • Early Settlement: The area that would become Kelso was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Cowlitz people. European settlers arrived in the mid-19th century.
    • Railroad Boom: Kelso’s history is closely tied to the railroad industry, especially the Northern Pacific Railway. The city’s growth was spurred by the establishment of a railroad depot in the late 19th century, transforming Kelso into a transportation hub.
    • Incorporation: Kelso was officially incorporated as a city in 1884, and its economy thrived with the presence of the railroad and related industries.
    • Economic Development: Over the years, Kelso’s economy expanded beyond railroads to include timber and manufacturing. The city’s industrial heritage played a significant role in its development.
    • Modern Kelso: Today, Kelso is a diverse and vibrant city that combines its historical heritage with a commitment to community, outdoor recreation, and local commerce.

    What is the Zip Code for Kelso, Washington?

    The primary zip code for Kelso, Washington, is 98626. This zip code covers the city of Kelso and its immediate surrounding areas. It’s important to note that there may be additional zip codes for specific neighborhoods or regions within Kelso, but 98626 is the central and commonly used zip code for the city.

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