Setback to Comeback: Stroke paralysis treatment in Siliguri

Setback to Comeback: Stroke paralysis treatment in Siliguri

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Hemiplegia, another name for stroke paralysis, frequently affects the side of the body opposite to the side of the brain that was afflicted by the stroke. For instance, if your left side of the brain was injured by the stroke, you can experience paralysis on your right side of the body.

This occurs because the movement on the opposite side of your body is controlled by one half of your brain. Your brain’s motor cortex, for example, sends instructions to your muscles so you can move them whenever you want.

However, if you suffer a severe stroke and these brain regions are damaged, those messages are blocked. As a result, you experience paralysis because your muscles are unable to respond to your brain’s directives. The muscles themselves aren’t harmed; they’re merely not receiving the brain’s signals to contract.

This lack of communication can lead to various issues in addition to paralysis.

But there is always hope for those suffering from stroke paralysis, thanks to Sutra Healthcare for providing efficient paralysis treatment in Siliguri. Not only Sutra Care is the best in Siliguri, they provide the best paralysis treatment in North Bengal. Sutra Care provides the People can restore mobility and enhance their quality of life.

Effects of Stroke Paralysis which need Paralysis Treatment:

Some typical problems that frequently accompany stroke paralysis include:

  • Spasticity: Muscle spasms cause muscles to stiffen and lose their flexibility.
  • Joint Stiffness: When muscles become extremely stiff, moving your joints becomes difficult.
  • Trouble Lifting Foot: Walking may be difficult if you are unable to lift your toes.
  • Swallowing Issues: Food and beverages may be difficult to swallow.
  • Speech Issues: You may have problems finding the correct words to say or your speech may be slurred.

Sometimes the signals for moving can be partially disrupted, resulting in muscle weakness rather than total paralysis. Hemiparesis is the term for this. It can still be challenging to move, but it’s not as bad as hemiplegia.


Recovery journey with Paralysis Treatment in Siliguri:

Getting Better with particular Programs: People who have suffered a stroke can benefit from some particular programs. These initiatives aid their movement and improve their performance. Exercises including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are used to help with speaking and performing daily duties.

Medicines that Help: After a stroke, there are medications that can ease a person’s muscle stiffness. They aid in better movement by releasing tense muscles.

Moving Aids: A few items can make moving about easier. They are similar to tools. Examples include orthotics or braces. They aid you in walking and performing tasks on your own.

Using Cool Equipment: In Siliguri, people are being helped to recover using some really cool equipment. One works out with you like a robot. Another makes your muscles contract using a small amount of electricity. These things assist in restoring the strength of your muscles.

People Who Care: Having people who care about you is vital when you’re recovering. You can get healthy with the aid of doctors, family, and friends. A joyful and upbeat environment helps hasten your recovery.


Stroke paralysis is challenging, but there is hope for recovery. We have beautiful centres for Paralysis treatment in Siliguri that can be incredibly beneficial. The good news is that after a stroke, you can address these issues by performing particular activities with Sutra Care. With Sutra Care, you don’t have to face paralysis brought on by a stroke alone if you or someone you care about suffers from it. Our specialists are ready to help you move better and resume living your life with special consideration and new techniques. Sutra Care is your place to trust for your new journey if recovery with paralysis treatment in North Bengal.

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