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10 Signs it is Time You Need to Wear Dentures

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Are you thinking whether to get dentures for your teeth? If yes, then here’s everything you should know about the decision and when there are signs you need dentures.

10 Signs you require dentures

  1. You suffer from missing teeth

Dentures are among the traditional options for your missing teeth replacement. They have been used for restoring a few teeth to all of them at once.

  1. Bridges are not a suitable option

Dental bridge replaces more than one teeth at a time though it needs healthy teeth on either end for supporting them. If you fail to have required support, then a removable partial denture is the right solution.

  1. Your teeth are not in good condition

Are you suffering from tooth decay, dental trauma, gum disease or wear and tear of teeth? If yes, then a denture can help in replacing them easily.

  1. You cannot chew food properly

Nutritional deficiencies and malabsorption usually start in the mouth. When you cannot break down or chew healthy foods for digestion, this means you have missing teeth and require a denture. This can help the bodies to get essential nutrients it needs for keeping a good health.

  1. Your face appears sunken

Tooth loss creates additional space behind the cheeks and lips. The bone that your teeth had rooted in will begin to shrink for changing facial shape. These situations may be the reason for premature ageing or a shallow appearance in your mouth, cheeks and face. Replacing teeth with a denture may support underneath the soft tissues for fuller-looking appearance.

  1. All your teeth should be extracted

Do you need to undergo several tooth extractions? If you are having serious injury or gum disease, then dentures enable for quick replacement of your missing teeth all at a time.

  1. You feel embarrassed about your smile

When you feel embarrassed for your smile, this may interfere with your personal as well as professional life. Advanced oral disease may discourage you from smiling or feeling confident when you are in public place. If you are the right candidate for wearing dentures, then you play a vital role in planning how you want your new smile to be like.

  1. Your remaining teeth begins wearing down

Missing teeth means you need to put additional pressure on other mouth parts for biting and chewing food. Though the teeth enamel is strong, it won’t be able to withstand more weight than expected. Excessive use of same teeth over and over causes premature, advanced wear and tear.

  1. You are not eligible for implants

Dental implants provide huge benefits for the replacement of lost or missing teeth. But everyone does not qualify for implants procedure. Dentures are missing tooth treatment and the next best possible option.

  1. You need affordable way to replace missing teeth

Dentures have been designed and delivered in a few weeks. These are non-invasive, quick and most affordable way for replacing all your missing teeth at a time.

How many teeth may you lose before wearing dentures?

For partial dentures, most people miss one or more teeth. But full dentures can replace all the teeth in your lower or upper arch. So, full dentures cannot be placed when you have remaining teeth and dental extractions may be needed.

Types of dentures for the treatment

  • Acrylic Partial Dentures — These are said to be temporary appliances.
  • Traditional Partial Dentures — They are set on stable chrome framework where the partials replace specific teeth while snapping around your healthy teeth to preserve them.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures — These are secured or removable hybrid devices that remain on the top of implants for better stability al through the day.
  • Traditional Full Dentures (“Plates”) — An acrylic prosthesis rests directly against the gum tissues for creating a seal and replacing all the teeth in the complete arch.

How to get your new dentures

The new dentures are something you can depend on day in and day out. Choosing a good dentist with lab will ensure you have proper access to all the benefits you really want.

Getting your dentures begins with an oral examination. The dentist will see you have dentures, discuss any applicable treatment options like tooth extractions or dental implants, kind of dentures you require and how you want your new smile to appear. Yes, you can select the right size, shade and contour of the teeth on new prosthesis.

After the initial consultation session, you require a set of teeth impressions for your mouth. These moulds ensure proper fit of denture which should be comfortable and secure. If you need any tooth extractions, then they should be performed well. An interim denture can be delivered post extractions while the mouth heals and a final denture is being designed after your bone and gum tissues settle completely.

The process for getting dentures may need 2 to 3 appointments with the dentist. You require nearly two weeks between each appointment for handcrafting final design of the permanent prosthesis. There are suitable options to avoid you from going without teeth during the procedure.

Thus, you need to consult with the dentist and book your appointment for dentures in Bromley. This way, you can perform the process successfully.

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