Do’s and Don’t’s of a Dental Emergency

Some Do’s and Don’t’s of a Dental Emergency

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Dental emergency can occur at anytime and at any place. When you or your loved one suffers from extreme tooth pain, there might be bleeding, swelling or missing teeth. If you are experiencing dental emergency now, then you should see a dentist immediately. Go through this blogpost to know what you should do when you or your family member has a dental emergency.

Some do’s of a dental emergency

Do stop the bleeding first

The first priority is to prevent bleeding as even little blood combined with saliva is nothing to feel concerned. But when you or someone bleeds continuously, then use a clean cloth to slow down or stop the bleeding. Try to lean forward to keep the blood from flowing down into your throat. Make sure you do not lie down and don’t stand up as you may faint. Rather, try to be seated till the bleeding gets under control.

Do find pieces of a broken tooth

While you do not need to look for a baby tooth, you should find broken tooth pieces when a tooth has chipped. They can usually be bonded back onto a tooth. This will work the best when there is a clean break than many shattered pieces. If you can find them, then try placing them in a small cup of milk and then bring them in to the office when you seek for an appointment.

Do keep a knocked out tooth in milk

Milk consists of chemical composition like saliva and it is certainly a good choice for keeping teeth moist till you visit your dentist. Your tooth should not dry out in any way and so, if you do not have milk, use water or saliva but do not wrap it in a tissue and bring it at the dentist clinic.

Do take tooth pain seriously

Many patients suffer from extreme toothaches and yet they like to ignore them. But when it is no more possible to ignore them, they start taking over-the-counter pain relievers daily to get rid of the discomfort and pain. If the pain becomes severe, then this means it is a dental emergency. The first step for treating toothache at home is to by flossing daily around the tooth. But sudden toothaches occur due to something lodged in between the teeth. If this does not create a difference, then make sure you book an appointment with the dentist. You may even suffer from abscess, cavity or other problem with the tooth that should be addressed without delay.

Do use cold compress

Cold compresses really work and it is certainly a good idea to keep a few in the freezer all the time. Before you decide to use ice pack, try to wrap it in a towel to prevent any kind of injury to your skin. Ice packs are very effective in lessening inflammation, swelling and pain. If the swelling and pain persists for a long time, use the ice pack for at least 15 minutes at a time and then take 15 minutes break before you may reapply it. Continue with this till you start feeling better.

Do avoid common dental emergencies

Prevention is always better than cure. The same goes applicable for urgent dental problems. Here are some mistakes most people commit that can be the reason for dental emergencies:

  • Avoid using any sharp object for your teeth cleaning. If you find something stuck in between the teeth, then flossing can remove it
  • Never use your teeth to open any packaging
  • If you or your kid takes part in contact sports, then use a mouthguard to protect teeth from further injury
  • Do not chew on ice or anything hard object that can cause damage to your teeth
  • If you have children, ask them not to bite hard toys or put anything in the mouth
  • Visit the dentist for routine examinations and dental cleanings to prevent periodontitis, decay and other issues that cause dental emergencies

Some don’t’s of a dental emergency

Do not panic at all

It is difficult not to panic when there is a dental emergency. If you are the one who has a dental injury, then it is necessary to take care of it as soon as possible. It is advised to visit a dentist without any fear as he will be able to provide the right way of saving your teeth. Make sure you breathe through the pain by staying calm so that you can get rid of the trouble of your toothache.

Do not worry for finding a knocked out tooth

You should not focus on finding a knocked out tooth. Rather, ask your child to rinse properly with water, clean soft tissue damage and cuts and use a cold compress for the swelling. Visit your dentist so that he can examine the condition of your kid’s mouth and find out there aren’t additional injuries.

Do not touch the tooth root

Try to grab the tooth by the crown if you or someone knocks adult tooth out. There are periodontal cells on the teeth and grabbing them by the root can damage these cells which makes it less likely for re-implantation to be successful. After you pick up adult tooth by the crown, try to rinse it gently in water or milk to get rid of the debris. If you can hold the tooth by crown and insert it back in an empty socket, bite down on a piece of gauze for holding the tooth in place. In the case you cannot reinsert the tooth, put it in a small cup of milk till you see a dentist. The positive news is that adult teeth can be re-inserted successfully by taking immediate action. The periodontal cells on the tooth root help gum tissue reattach securely surrounding it.

Whether it is daytime or night, weekday or weekend, you should call your dentist in Holborn Street when there is a dental emergency. Being a resident of this place, you should know about out-of-hour appointment and follow the message to get instructions on how to proceed further.

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